4 reasons for US supporters to question the referee


Here are four reasons why Vietnam fans are suspicious about the referee:

4 reasons why the Landlord's followers would be suspicious - referee 1.

Goal rejected by Van Toan – Source: VTC3

Carer Quang Hai, Kyaw Zin Htet (Myanmar) had to remove the ball and Van Toan was pushing the net. However, the referee did not recognize this goal because Van Toan was outside.

However, the slow motion on Van television still stands for being the final defender of Myanmar before breaking his member into Kyaw Zin Htet football guardian.

The reason for her & # 39; This wrong decision was because Thai assistant referee was wrong.

4 reasons why the Landlord's followers would be suspicious - Picture 3.

The referee's penalties on Vietnam – Source: VTV6

Quang Hai got a quick slot, Cong Phuc went out of his cell and heard it with Myanmar guardian, Kyaw Zin Htet before he fell in his cell. case. However, Qatar's rulers with Vietnam did not leave it; 11m war.

In a 90 minute minute, Quang Hai finished the ball into the left hand side for Van Hau to enter the penalty area. The Vietnam defender was then closed by a Myanmar player in a clear way. However, referee Khamis Mohammed Al-Marri still says there is no 11m penalty.

Compared to the situation formerly Congo had, The victory of Myanmar is more clear. And the area on television also shows that clearly.

4 reasons for US fans - dispute 5.

It's not 63 minutes – Source: VTV6

The referee added the situation to ban Vietnam in the moment 63. In this situation, Hung Hung was a Myanmar player in the middle of the field. When the ball goes up with Phan Van Duc and Vietnamese players going to Myanmar's goal to create invasion situations, the referee will cut the whistle to her; hitting the players home.

Then the yellow card referee gave Myanmar. But, as usual, Khamis Mohammed Al-Marri must give Vietnam the benefit and Myanmar's yellow card penalty will be later considered.

The case does not have a & # 39; Breaking 90 + 2 – Source: VTV6

90 + 2, England sent the ball to Van Duc to drop out on the corridor on the left. Vietnamese team players got their members and turned off well or before they were in a row. Myanmar left the ball out. However, it is difficult to understand when the referee does not allow Vietnamese to be & # 39; get to your beat.

In addition to these two instances, Khamis Mohammed Al-Marri's key referee also made other controversial decisions when he challenged the Vietnam players in the 50-50 situation.

4 reasons why UDD fans say it is the referee - Picture 8.

Myanmar players are always in the garden but the referee is not too short – Source: VTV6

This game, the referee did not spend too little time on his / her; dead man on the field well. In the second half of a game, Myanmar players are always in the game; garden. It would also often remind the referee to quickly; Resolving the position to bring the ball into the game. That is not said, the game was not overwhelmed because the players in Vietnam's pain were in the garden.

But the referee does not have 1 minute and half half 3 minutes. To spend time the ball was very big and Khamis Mohammed Al-Marri should have to wait for more time.

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