4 times Thailand players made the utopia from the corner corner


Thailand 4-2 Indonesia | B AFF CUP 2018 Competition Panel

In a game against Indonesia yesterday, Korrakot Wiriyaudomsiri, a Thai defender, did leave the wild fans with an angle break, and # 39; equivalent to Indonesia.

Korrakot decided to try to & # 39; prompted with the member to submit the member to the corner A at his; destination. This incredible attempt to help the national team's spirit to increase the remaining minutes. After that, Pansa Hemviboon, Adisak Kraisorn and Pokkhao Anan defeated 4-2 for the guests.

4 times Thailand players play the chest from the corner case - Picture 2.

Korrakot is the equality, which helps Thailand to swim the success.

Football is a sociable situation in scoring from the corner breaking situation But by Korrakot, three other players from Thailand have done the same. In common, they are all Burmese club stars.

Three years ago, Bunma Theatre played in the AFC Barrels League between Buriram and Gamba Osaka. Then the protectors pulled a beautiful loop into the Japanese net, which opened the scanner on eight minutes to & # 39; game and Cristiano Ronaldo.

In 2016, the casualty of Chaowat Veerachat's casualties; from the corner of the corner. But this time the Thai players got the "good" support from the team player. At the end, Charyl Chappuis, the Swiss star, will be doing the first time in 2013.

4 hours visit Thailand from its location; case

Affecting Indonesia 4-2, Thailand has a great deal of opportunity in the final decisions. According to the Bima Sakti partnership, Milovan Rajevac does not have many of the richest stars, the campaigns that are still crowned.

"It's a strong team in Thailand, they put two hits on the corner, and one of them was straightforward, I'm definitely not the biggest number for a & # 39, war. This year's competition, "said Sakti.

4 times Thailand players who make the utopia from head heads - Picture 4.

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