4-year-old boy drowned in colonies Terms of Use


A 4-year-old boy was drowned in the holiday pool swimming pool in the town of Villa Fearnador Gálvez, Santa Fe, near Rosario, and said the court stores on Friday.

The event was held last Thursday afternoon in a General Co-operation sports center of Villa Gobernador Gálvez "Enrique Gomara".

According to sources defined, the victim was attended by other children from Monday to his / her; a holiday colony, in the village that is south of Rosario, and at the last Thursday at one time the authorities who were over the children realized that they were in a position; losing a child

At present, the professor began to be found inside the building until they reached a natatorium department, where they found that the child was lying at the bottom of one of the pond, and because of the deep he did not stand.

Despite the rehabilitation activities done by the local nurse, the boy died.

The investigation is in the hands of the procurator Valeria Piazza Iglesias, who preserved his identity to date, and says that the authorities will be responsible for killing.

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