4 years old died in Hanoi by falling asleep: The parents' stories


The boy was moved to the emergency room with a blank face, shelter and mechanical ventilation for a month but not to pass.

The last days, information Nguyen N.A. (4 months old, in Hoan Kiem, Hanoi), unfortunately, killed a brain and her mother died asleep by raising her hands on the face of many children.

On the other hand, the reporter Nguyen Phuong N. (28 years old) and Duong Nhu H. (27 years old), parents of N.A.

Ms. H., the heart crash happened on 18/10. At 6m, she awoke until she woke her daughter to school, and fell asleep on her bed. After more than 30 minutes, she woke up when her daughter called her mother's voice to press her nose, and the nose appeared a pink foam.

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By mid-day, 11/11, the family took a home child N.A.

Mrs. H. a & # 39; Her son is crying but she is not reviving, now she sees her face and her; bills away. After taking the baby's nose to the baby, she became artificially impaired but she was not yet effective. He ran to the street to take him to the hospital in Vietnam – Cuban's first aid. Brother N. is also on the way to Hanoi in a hospital that is indirectly straightforward.

After more than 30 minutes of her heart arrest at Vietnam-Cuba Hospital, a child N.A was again on her heart. He was transferred to Hanoi Heart Hospital for treatment. The first screening results decided that the child had no harm but more progress was needed.

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The man and the person of N. were describing the event

At 16h on the same day, the child was transferred to a parent-parent, General Green Hospital in a state of comatose, flipping on each side, heart 160 times per minute, which affects collision, temperature.

Here, the baby is a respiratory device and a positive revival. After a few days, the MRI results showed that there were many places in a number of places that affect the child as a result of his / her; cerebral bone / heart attack.

On the 10th day, the doctor called H. and his wife to say that she did not grow the baby's brain, although the doctors worked hard. In 15 days of hospital treatment, his condition was not going on, the level of lime was 140 times a minute, the game was clear, there was a lot of sudden operation, It is the highest level 180/87/105 mmHg Oxygen through the endotracheal tube.

On November 13, the child was taken to the National Pediatric Hospital. N.'s brother, after more days of handling here, my son moved to Pediatrics, cured Duc Giang at General Hospital with the reason why the National Pediatric Hospital was "out of breath".

"At Duc Giang General Hospital, the doctor told the wife and child that she could not be saved because she died of a cerebral party , it is hard due to a mechanical ventilation, if it gets rid of it, it dies and tells what the child's days are in the hospital, both his wife, his grandmother, his grandmother, crying to big.

Unfortunately, after the incident, the couple can not sleep ah for a night; that children are lost. However, a story about the N.A's child was designed and shared with a lot of unrivaled information, "white change of the black place", so he and his wife must talk.

Continuing at Duc Giang General Hospital 5 days, on the morning of 19/11, the family decided to take a baby's brain test again but the wonderful one did not come. On the night of 19/11, the child's home family, about 14 hours, had taken away a tube to lighten them. On the evening of 19/11, the man and his wife N. will take his mother back home in the funeral of the Minh Cuong group (Thuong Tin, Hanoi).

"Parents who do not enjoy children, pity children, but many people do not understand the criminal words, my wife is not really tough," shared.

Through the unfortunate stories about a child N.AA, N.'s brother expects parents not to; Give children less attention to avoiding accidents.

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