45% of regional companies are not sure of their ability to survive in the next 10 years


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Tariq Heiba, director of DEL EMC in Egypt, said that the surveys and research carried out by his company were in the process of being able to work. show that only 27% of regional companies believe they are working to bring digital technology into what they are doing, and about half%) Can they compete in the ten years which is next, as long as & # 39; Most (68%) of companies are struggling to keep pace with the pace of change.

We have raised an increase in embracing transformational technologies to meet the challenges and promote human progress. He identified his company with government and private agencies in Egypt to stimulate the country's innovation agenda and develop strategies for the development of cities.

According to global studies, the world's population reaches 10 billion by 2050, compared to 7.3 billion now. The city's largest citizen network can improve the life of citizens and maintain social cohesion with a variety of mobile technologies and human and economic issues. Related to the & # 39; their ability to develop a high quality ecosystem for public and private partners. Secret citizens want information and services right, right. There is more publicity of & # 39; means giving open information to a variety of stakeholders when they are going to; comply with regulations, legislation and privacy, while at the same time addressing quiz attacks aimed at citizen information.

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