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46% of the objections received by RVO.nl about the validated phosphatic rights are valid. That says Arthur Liebregt, a lawyer of RVO.nl, during technical information on the phosphate system in the House of Representatives.

Entrepreneurs 7,746 complained about phosphate rights to RVO.nl. Of those, 4,383 complaints were now resolved.

The large proportion of based disputes is based on the level of milk delivered different than expected. "The primary decisions will be made according to the available information. If there is a complaint, the entrepreneur can provide a new information, which will give a new light to the case. This can come to grievances based, "said René van der Burg, director of RVO.nl.

RVO.nl: care is crucial

Many farmers are still unclear about the number of phosphate rights. "We are doing what we can to give clarification as soon as possible. But we have fairness in terms of speed, care and organizational management," says Van der Burg. People are not attracted more effectively because these people need to be trained. That will take too much time from the people who are going to. do the job. Since 2016, the number of people at RVO.nl that handle the device file has increased from 100 to 270 fte. In addition, 80 FTE law lawyer are recruited.

Not all farmers' clarity before 1 January

RVO.nl can not guarantee that every entrepreneur will have clarity by 1 January about the number of phosphatic rights that are passed. "I understand that it is uncertain and difficult for farmers in this situation if they have not yet received a final decision," says Van der Burg. He says that companies are at the same time at the same time to emphasize the number of animals that they keep on their most recent decision-making basis.

To check for the individual situation of a farmer

In many cases, RVO needs more time than the legal date to deal with complaints. Judge should be judged that an entrepreneur's individual situation should be given more attention to his / her; play here.

Van der Burg says it is bad that farmers who still do not know where they are. "That's not good". No more people are allowed to make any sense. Van der Burg says in the Chamber that the phosphate rights system is capable, but that the changes in the rules and legal law are actively implemented. "That does not mean we can not do it, but it's giving more time," said Van der Burg.

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