48 hours strike strike units tell: b & # 39; This is the seventh measure of the force in less than two months


Aeronautical Guilds They will publish this Tuesday strike 48 hours for next Thursday and Friday in denying a resolution from the National Civil Air Administration (ANAC) which allowed foreign policies to be able to; managing commercial journeys in Argentina.

So this day -Air 11 At Jorge Newbery Airport, the Airline Pilot Association (APLA) and Airline Airline Pilots (UALA) package will provide information on the steps to be taken.

The national government through Ministry of Transport and ANAC changed the "RAAC 61" and permits induction and automation proof of licenses that belong to foreign pilots. The unions say that this repository has been made "without exams in Argentina who experience the highest levels of knowledge and safety".

"With this step, not only does the Government; prioritizing foreign countries' work due to the bad status of Argentinian work, but also to direct attack on the unions in the department and on the civil and general service in Argentina, and remove it", APLA and UALA said in a statement.

Resolution 895/2018 of the ANAC – published on 22 November in the Official Journal – the text development of Argentine Civil Air Regulations. Up to a few days ago, it was the duty of the theoretical and pilot pilots to take other flight tests so that the foreign licenses could be found within the country. Now the governing body has given specific powers and this has been altered. It would take 40 days and now just 7.

ANAC's person, Thomas Insausti, defended the rules that hampered the requirements to direct commercial orders and ensure that "Argentina's work is not translated".

"In Argentina historically, reimbursement is needed and it is always like that, despite the last Friday in Lima the International Civil Aviation Society signed its name to confirm Authentication of licenses, which have been added to seven countries, and we are not. we did", explained the activity.

It is a straightforward permit for 3 to 6 months to guide other pilots, and the knowledge and training must be determined.

According to ANAC records, the number of foreign educational pilots is only 1.5% of the total. "What we did to change the internal verification method because it was not good for the man who had ANAC. There is a foreign pilot that has been re-authorized, as allowed by law, but that does not disturb the work of our bullets. Some union leaders wanted to submit this topic into a union bid", he said in radio episodes Network.

Insausti explained that the teachers compared to their air model. "In the same way that he or she is in college or university, he is delighted to be able to; Get tutoring from different countries, when you have a leader with a special level of Boeing or Airbus, who has only experience in Argentina, with 10 hours of flight, it's good For a short time, you will stress to pilot that test by Argentine pilot", he said.

The stress officer added that there is a growing and growing business in the country; take forward any exercise. "The commercial policy encourages Argentine pilots as never before in history"he said.

Also, Inseusti confirmed that a large part of this measurement is for Argentine pilots and does not welcome foreigners. "Many Argentine pilots abandon the country and complete their & # 39; make the flight time and export abroad. Sometimes we will re-license licenses from Argentine pilots to return to work in the country", he stressed him.

The national government says "it's not a step to leave Argentinians without work and foreign occupation, which is A humorous plan of local guilds is used as a tool of political and vexatious pressure, with host travelers, they usually do every time they meet in the collection ".

It should be noted that the APLA guild represents Aerolineas Argentinas, LATAM ARG, Andes, Avian Lines, and UALA pilots to Australian pilots (he reaches the Norwegian pilots and Flybondi), and to take the 48-hour strike forward, hundreds of thousands of passengers would have affected.

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