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Let you work independently

In fact, there are issues that need to be linked, such as safety. However, it is not enough to use the word "or", the child must also explain why a person should not cross the street to a red light, although another football player. But we do not always be close to our changes and we will be able to protect them.

So if a child wants a desire to go home from school, he or she must be allowed early or late. It is just by working independently whether the child is learning to be environmental management and can solve a variety of problems independently.

In addition, there is the risk that may be much lower than the level of parental. So, the parents themselves need to ask themselves that there is a real danger to the child's safety, or that they themselves believe in the ability of their children to get their way home. Parents often use child protection from imaginative risks. For example, a mother is frightened high, so she is constantly listening to her children; look out for a steep staircase, so they will undermine children in things that are everyday.

You also need to make the product very much

No-one, including children, does not. It's nice if someone is trying to put their own ideas on it. If your descendants talk about a group that is not the songs you are doing; feel like it, it would not be a chance to & # 39; ban the child to listen to this group just because you do not like it. It is a good opportunity to imbalance the ideas of creating a conversation, to use the child's ability to argue and stand up for their own ideas, and find out about himself or herself.

Give respect to your child's opinion, we will give the children the opportunity to; feel more confident. In contrast, the child's problem is about going to school and his / her; bringing his life as a bad, we will prevent the child's self-esteem, and we are Understand that it does not have any value to think or to; feeling.

Not to say it's a parent mirror in her; children. In the children of the primary school, to look at the behavior of their parents, developing an understanding of moral principles. So, if we do not welcome the attendant when you go into school, wait for the child to continue politically with other adults to be complex.

Sharing time is the best prize

Parents are a principal authority for children up to primary age. Children strive for recognition, and so it is important to recommend the child for good activities, showing satisfaction – with words and feelings. You should not be enthusiastic about the ways of inspiration. It is completely wrong to pay for homework or cleaning your room.

Instead of building market relationships with your relatives, you must tell everyone that they have their own responsibilities and responsibilities.

When I was working on a child's phone of trust, I got a call from children who did not have the material, but they asked for it because they did; Feeling lonely, they were not understood, and parents did not have enough time for them. It is often the best motivation and best motivation – a mountain trip, a museum visit or a cinema. At this time, not just design houses are going to & # 39; entertaining Hollywood's lively films, but also designed self-craftsmanship, such as the recently published film about talking to Masquerade's dogs, Creating fertile land for poorer conversation.

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