5 catalysts supporting Saudi stock exchange to end of year


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5 Catalysts supporting Saudi stock stock to end the year from the zones, Saturday 17 November 2018.

Districts – Riyadh

Financial inspectors said "Five defenders are supporting the exchange of the Saudi stock market until the end of this year,

According to the "Economic", these incentives are the development in balance of payments, the investment environment, and the private sector promotes the implementation of new development projects, and a budget premit for 2019, which is the expansion budget in cost, apart from the expectation that the market will participate in the global markets index index; emerge A & # 39; first season of next year.

Walid Al-Rashed, a financial analysis, said the market has returned to profit for investors over the last time, despite a decline in some sessions, saying that the weakness of the lion Distribution impact and & # 39; reducing the volume of market investors, Duty in market management to identify new areas of the market; solve and support during the future.

"The Saudi stock market has been struggling to make it attractive for its ever-increasing global oil prices greatly from the geo-economic, regional and global impact of today's rising global market prices, "said Fahmi Sobha, researcher and economist. At $ 64.49 as a result of an increase in US production by 24%.

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