5 hot modes mom Thuy Anh teaches children to avoid sexual abuse. Mother and baby


Ms. decided to Dang Khoi has taught her children to prevent sexual abuse at an early age by explaining four of them; secret zones & # 39 ;, a & # 39; Negotiating things, without getting strange gifts.

Dac Khoi - Thuy Anh.
Dac Khoi – Thuy Anh.

Parents are interested in content to prevent sexual abuse for their children, but most of them Half, go to places, lack of knowledge skills to communicate with children. It's just when things are happening to make comments; to encourage public, parents started to & # 39; see.

Instead of images, names, information about people who are regarded as pets. Thuy Anh (singer Khoi Khoi) was awarded to classify her when she was aware of her.

Here are five ways in which you can use English to teach your two sons so that it is not hurt:

Teaching for 4 "incapable"

We are told that this is a "secret area", but parents will be treated during sanitation or children are suffering pain from investigating. It's the lips, brooches, bluebells and genes.

When you are in Hanoi, Thuy Anh will often see her grandmother or her parents; use to influence their generations to be in front of people. That gives children; Thinking about how others are exposed to their own, obvious, right.

Hot Mom Thuy Anh teaches 4 "secret areas" without going to # 39; using strangers.

In my family, sometimes, my grandmother will talk to Ken and I'm saying very hardly: "Do not attack me so!"

Talk to your children regularly

When Ken comes home from school, Thuy Anh still wants something like: "Do you have a teacher at today or have any of the four" secret sections "?

When my parents are going to work and I'll do it; staying at home with the midwives, I also want the child to talk to the "secret area" and make it uncomfortable. Parents should be aware of self-cleaning practices from an early age.

Often asked and & # 39; conversation to make comfort with her parents, it is not hidden and damaged when conversation is not good.

Be aware of men and women when they are with you

A description of sexual abuse, usually people do not; only think of men who are disturbing girls, and women who are sorry for her. harassment of lads.

However, Thuy Anh always takes care of children, even the uncle, that the doctor does not; talk or kiss children.

Set a silky situation to protect children

Thuy Anh is the child's acting, and accepting that her mother is a stranger and affects one of her four "secret areas", or her; pull his shirt off. She will scratch, her & # 39; shaking his hand and running away. There are times when I take hold of the baby, running, Ken's plan is to make her mother bite.

This exercise often goes to & # 39; Helping children if not in "stiff" dangerous situations, haunts do not tend to complain. You will develop your skills in managing situations and becoming more aggressive.

Do not give gifts from strangers, learning family numbers

Parents tell the child completely without accepting a foreign gift. If someone wants help, children need to run to the newspapers, the police because they can not pay this.

Parents should also be aware of their child's telephone numbers; Do not know about gathering in public places; Get out with your 3-4 friends; Do not go alone when it's dark …

If the child has unusual symptoms for fear of going to school, parents need to ask for fragile causes, let the child know the reason.

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