5 statements from "Hani Adel" for "News News" before the "Imobilia crime" exhibition


5 comments from "Hani Adel" for "News News" before the "Crime of Emobilia" exhibition Nasim News says Al-Watan. We will publish 5 statements from "Hani Adel" to "Nasim News" before the "Imobilia crime" show, 5 statements by "Hani Adel" For "Naseem News" before the "Emergency Crime" "We will publish your new news today through our News and start with the most important news, 5 statements from" Hani Adel "to" News News "before the" Imopilia crime "exhibition.

Nasim News The Egyptian film "The Crime of Imobilia" is part of the official division outside the Cairo Film Festival in its twentieth session, which is going to begin next Tuesday.

The work coincides with Hani Adel, Nahed Sibai, Tariq Abdul Aziz, Taima Prize, Youssef Ismael, Grant Zaitoun, Latifa Fahmy, Hassan Harb and Yasmin Al-Hawari and are written and led by Khaled Al-Hajar.

Hani Adel, the hero of the work, "Nasim News," and this is the 5 most important statements for him.

– I am very pleased and proud that my first film competitions have been selected at the Cairo Film Festival

– I have a great responsibility to continue, I hope the work will appear in the best and most effective image. affecting the spectators.

– Work related to the story of architecture, something directed by the director Khaled Al-Hajar.

– The film is going on between truth and fiction. happening around the story about the work.

– It is from the quality of films the film is.

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