5 things to know about CTVNews.ca for Wednesday 2 January 2019: carbon tax, animal rights activists, cannabis psychosis


Although many experts agree that tax charging is the cheapest way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, there is still a concern affecting the Canadian economy. Here's what else you need to know to start your day.

1. Carbon tax: Will Trudeau Carbon Charge Fighting Jobs? CTV News reviews the evidence from British Columbia where the Liberal government returned the first North American carbon tax in 2008.

2. Thorough Fringe: Massacre rights activists in Toronto put on death on Tuesday, "killed" to protest a new president of Brazil's president and the proposed environmental policies.

3. Tax changes: Its new year will bring a tax adjustment to a federal level that will affect all Canada. Here are the things you can expect.

4. Lèiridh LCBO: The Ontario police are seeking people who are suspected after the New Year's Day & A new saw a thief saw a truck into the water shop.

5. Legal Marijuana: After your loyalty, Canada's mental health charity expects a huge increase in cannabis-stimulating seizures.

Anything else …

Wild cat: A B.C. the man was very spectacular on the weekend when he saw a rush on his deck back.

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