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Investing.com – This is the top five themes to be addressed on Thursday, 28 March in the financial markets.

1. A clear reading of the US GDP for the fourth quarter

Following the disappointment of the economic reports, the definitive reading of the growth in the United States is the definitive reading, as investors are waiting to hear more about the economic situation.

The finalized entries from 1: 30pm (CET) will be issued by the US Department of Trade.

These figures appear to show that the economy increased at an annual level of 2.4% in three months by end 2018, a revised figure against the opening estimate of 2.6%. In the third quarter last year the economy increased by 3.4%.

At 10: 30m (CET), they go up 27 points or less than 0.1%, and those from the start of 3 points or about 0.1% and those in technology raise 7 points or just one. 0.1%.

The, who is monitoring the growth of this money in terms of a basket of six other currencies, rises 0.2% to 96.49.

2. Expressing with the Convention

Market players also pay attention to statements of a number of Federal Reserve officers to learn more about financial policy statements in the coming months.

The vice-president of Fed, governors and president of San Luis Fed, will be talking about the world's biggest economy in diverging events during the day.

3. Trade separation of the USA comes to Beijing

Producer Robert Lighthizer and Finance Secretary Steven Mnuchin has traveled to Beijing for a new series of talks by Chinese senior officials to work on a deal to stop months of trade war.

These discussions, which will be followed up with similarities in Washington next week, will be the first face-to-face meetings held by both parties in weeks after initial failures have failed. T aim of keeping a roof at the end of March. US President Donald Trump and President China Xi Jinping to sign a deal.

4. Stir in Turkey

Turkey's tummy crouched 5% against the dollars in the last days of trouble before the local elections this weekend because the party could control some of the major cities belonging to president President Tayyip Erdogan.

The lorry was placed in front of the US's money, leaving about 4% a day in total.

The polls suggest that Erdogan would be killed in the capital, Ankara, in the situation as a judgmental judge of the Prime Minister's self-governing style.

5. Brexit annulled

The House of Commons voted in the UK last night against London against the eight alternatives to the leave of Theresa May, leaving the Brexit process as a barrier.

May has told political party legislators that he would stand down if his Brexit agreement had finally been agreed by the Parliament with his third attempt, in an urgent attempt by many of the Eurosceptic rebels of his party.

The pound falls by 0.3% against the toll.

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