5 types of robots that steal the lungs more than smoking – 24h food


Sunday, 10 February, 2019 19:00 PM (GMT + 7)

There is one type at the time of Tet, people often eat more, although they know that it is not good, but many people eat.

Often many people who have too much health concerns are not they; Thinking, when they are sick, go to the hospital for a cure. This type of thinking can sometimes be progressively unavoidable. If we do not care for the body, it will be destroyed every day only by eating. There is a bit of litter food although it has a very good taste and many think it does not harm, but if consumed for a long time, the effects are very important.

1. Ham

5 types of food that stole the lungs more than smoking - 1

Many people want to eat their diet, especially young children, often to eat; think this is an animal feed. In fact, many defenders when they sell outside their usage, will be a & # 39; including nitite. Nitrite is a very crazy material, if eaten regularly affects the work of the lungs. Although clothing may be better than smoking, it will be harmful to your cost and often.

2. Sail of the sun

5 types of food that stole the lungs more than smoking - 2

Sunflower seeds often eat at heat holidays as well as melon, castles, and pine seeds. In the seeds of sunflowers, there is a heavy mood, and in the growth that they include matalan in the soil. In addition, when they work, they also have added spices and additions. Regular eating of seeds of the sunflower can lead to respiratory diseases, causing lung damage.

3. Sorry notes

5 types of food that stole the lungs more than smoking - 3

Many people know that the nodules are not very nutritious, but because their taste is good, they will be treated quickly, so they are still eating. In cultivation notes there are many keepers, it is not recommended to eat much.

4. Wild grouse

5 types of food that stole the lungs more than smoking - 4

Cheek fries are always always yellow, a brush full of appealing but it is fried in oil. You can not make sure that sellers regularly change oil or use an old oil day and out. When you add too much fat in your body, not only does it cause obesity but also affect your lungs.

5. Candy

5 types of food that stole the lungs more than smoking - 5

Many of the sweetest girls are the best, but some of these foods include keepers and many nitrites when they are; do. This is a carcinogen, which increases blood pressure, and accumulate the gold and habitats. By eating a lot of infection, prevention, respiratory disease, and damage to lungs are also.

I can not believe that eating people would be this strange food

Although we know that food is quite diverse and needs creativity every day, creative chefs sometimes "too big" …

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