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Wednesday, November 28, 2012 11:00 AM (GMT + 7)

Malaysia's Malaysian king was officially crowned at the royal palace in Kuala Lumpur last year, and recently had just been married.

5 things that should not be known about a beautiful newborn queen

King Muhammad V celebrates his wedding with her; Mrs. Brussels Brussels on November 22.

Sultan Muhammad V became the official throne of a crown and became the King of Istana Negara, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on April 24,

According to the rules, the Malaysian king was elected based on the nine provinces that governed nine United States in Malaysia. His kingdom lasted for five years.

Recently, King Muhammad V, 49, married Russian 25 years ago. The king's full name is Petra Ismailku Muhammad Faris Petra ibni Tengku Ismail.

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The old Ms. RussiaOksana Voevodina attracts all her eyes. thanking his high body.

A solid marriage ceremony was held in Moscow, Russia, after Ms. Oksana Voevodina, who was officially converted to Islam.

The King of Muhammad V did not appear as Oksana Voevodina met. At the same time, Mrs., formerly, was famous for her high altitude. She says she has had a special focus as he went into college.

During Miss Universe 3 years ago, Voevodina said she had no lover because he did not find the right person. "

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King Muhammad is 24 years old.

Here are five uninhabited Malayis monarchy:

One of the youngest monarchs in Malaysia

Sultan Muhammad V is the youngest daughter of the emigrants elected as a Malayach monarch. At the age of 47, he was less than half a century, compared to the previous one, Sultan Abdul Halim Mu, 89, adzam Shah, 89.

In Malaysia's history, only a few kingdomes were crowned when it was over 40 years of age.

5 Unconcerned things about the new king of Malaysian merit were going to marry; Beautiful young lad - 4

The two are happy in a solemn wedding in Moscow.

The emperor has no queen

Sultan Muhammad V a & # 39; The first monarch in Malayia's history wanted to be brought out without the queen. It was not until November 22, 1818, that he married for his & her; The first time with the former Russian Miss Oksana Voevodina.

Sultan knows that his sweetheart is a special animal. It carries horses, cats, hens and birds like pets, according to Times New Straits.

The king is always ready to help the people

It is said that the King Muhammad V is kindness, humble, and not to rejoice. He has a healthy life, the people are deemed.

He is willing to help people without preserving, actively promoting benefits, charitable, including donations to flood flooding in Malaysia.

5 things to know about a new king of malaysia

Sultanate of Malaysia officially crowned in 2017.

Deventure sport of King

Sultan Muhammad V is particularly happy to drive 4 wheels, and # 39; Getting involved in hard sports like driving badly. He also likes archery and is involved in ongoing training, according to The Star.

In addition, the king of Malaya also likes horse races, golf, football and bowling.

Is Islam specially nourished?

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The king will kiss her; Churan, an Islamic spirit symbol in Malaysia.

It is known that Sultan Muhammad V often visits his / her; a mosque in the Kelantan state for prayer. He gave him all faiths when he went abroad.

At the ceremony ceremony in 2017, the king's kiss on Chura, a symbol of Islamic spirit, is the official religion in Malaysia. He decided to fulfill his duties in accordance with the law and constitution, while at the same time he is always in his position; protect Islam.

He was educated in diploma and Islam at Oxford University in the UK. As a king, it is a symbol of Islam in Malaysia.

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King Brunette gave a hidden check to American celebrities and asked her what money was needed.

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