5 vacancies at KAUST


Citizen – Khalid Al Ahmad

King Abdullah named the University of Science and Technology (KAUST), through its website, that vacancies are available for diploma, bachelor, schoolmaster and doctoral degrees in several subjects to work at The headquarters of the university in Thul, north of Jeddah.

The University explained that the activities are available in the name:

Assistant Secretary General: Diploma in secretary designation, largely graduate degree.

Vice-Contractor: Bachelor's Degree or Master's Degree in Law.

Former Specialist Library: Masters degree in library science or advanced scientific range, especially diploma degree.

Former Industrial Systems Specialist: Bachelor of Degree in Specialization: (IT Systems, Business Administration, Finance), a Masters degree prefers.

Vice Producer for entry: BA degree in an appropriate subject.

The University said that the request is available through its operating website, which begins from November 18, 2018, and show that it is in and out and running; Find out about the terms of the advertising posts;Here)

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