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"The iron body needs to make hemoglobin, which can store and carry oxygen material to its body; When iron deficiency anemia does not mean enough iron there, so red blood cells can not work properly, "he explained the medical director at his. medicine company Takeda Mexico.

At the time of an Iron Detective Day, Ledesma explained that there is a disorder in the blood in anemia marked by the small number of red blood cells that are dependent on carries oxygen in the body for physical processes.

According to figures from the World Health Organization (WHO), there are over 1,620 million people anemia, that is, 24.8% of the people of the world.

"This type of anemia occurs in age and sex, although the most vulnerable groups are babies and children, as well as women who are pregnant and children of breeding age," said Ledesma.

In Mexico, according to the National Health Survey 2012, 11.6% of women suffer from anemia and 17.9% of pregnant women have the same problem.

The specialist, when anemia happens when it is pregnant, explained that it is the result of the nutrition that the child needs to improve.

"At this stage, anemia increases its risk of conductive expressions, the death of the growth and low weight or premature birth, and increasing child deaths, problems in delivering with hemorrhage and a greater risk of killing, "he said.

Amongst the symptoms of this disease, Ledesma said, behave or grow tired, & # 39; disturbance, mood clothing, lack of concentration and memory, conflicts in stones that may include changes in color, shape and texture.

Also, the one with anemia may be subject to cold, adversely affecting cold, intense and often people, a problem of re-activating activities such as a climbing staircase and, in the case of a woman, Heavy drunkenness.

He said that this situation is cured and can be restored by iron "but it is an important thing to be done by an expert before any signal comes."

Finally, the expert suggested a rich diet in green vegetables and leaves, red meat, nuts and exercise to put the body enough oxygen. EFE

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