500 new employees: Keba captures a German LTI specialist


500 new employees: Keba captures a German LTI specialist

Linz / Nuremberg. In terms of what its buying price is & # 39; Made the Linz-based behavioral expert, there was no information.

Keba with the Managing Director Gerhard Luftensteiner continues to develop a growth course: With construction, driving technology will be added to & # 39; airport. Photograph: Factory

Linz's device specialist will open a gap in the & # 39; product ports: Tuesday, director of the director Gerhard Luftensteiner announced in Nuremberg that Keba was seeking a purchase agreement in mid-November for his & her; LTI Motion and Heinz Fiege GmbH, based in Lahnau and Röllbach in Germany. The two companies have agreed to maintain a quiet about the purchase price.

"With this build, we want to complete our program," said Luftensteiner. Keba is a specialist for operational stations, control technology and safety control. In a range of driving technology, one of them was previously responsible for working with other companies. Introducing the LTI Motion and Heinz Fiege Driver Specialist, Specialist for Spindle Technology. In relation to an application, Keba's riddles are now for the engineering of robots and devices. The construction would also expand the customer center. The first lecture with LTI has been in existence for ten years ago, according to director Luftensteiner. Expected closing to & # 39; contract by the end of the year.

Keba was implemented in 2017 with 1,200 employees 253.6 million euros. LTI income is estimated at 100 million euros. The construction will build up 500 new employees.

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