500 plus – CHANGES. Will it be easier to benefit? The income criteria will also change [18 lutego 2019 r.]


One-off parent does not have to apply court decisions about maintenance pay to get a benefit? According to WSA's rule in Warsaw, the money for children after the family should be paid unharmed.

500 plus – single parents get more advantageous

Minister Elżbieta Rafalska, in an interview with "Fakt", raised the most important changes in relation to the "500 plus" program:

We expect to limit the requirement to keep up with a single parent who builds 500+ children for a & # 39; first child.

This means that if one parent has a child; Submitting for 500+ provision for children after that, it does not need to keep up. As measured by "Fakt" in Poland, one parents will raising 1.1 million children.

Importantly, changes will be introduced later this year.

500 plus. The income criteria will also change

Another important change related to the 500 plus is to include a new income benchmark. The Ministry wants to increase, among others because of:

  • reduction in unemployment;
  • raising their minimum wages.

At present, PLN 800 is the income threshold for its 500 plus program. If the child has a child with disabilities – PLN 1,200. It is expected to increase the income criteria with around 100 PLN.

Elżbieta Rafalska for "Fakt": If we set up the income criteria, we will respond to all the changes that we have; see. We regularly regulate the minimum salary, which is 2019 a & # 39; PLN 2,250 full. In 2016, when the program was completed, the minimum PLN 400 wage was lower. In addition, the labor market is in good condition. There is a 16.6 million list of people working.

500 plus – Rafalska on advanced product output to program

Elżbieta Rafalska, since the "500 plus" program was introduced, said the level of poverty in Poland has fallen. The service is definitely improving the financial situation of Polish families. In this way, the Minister of Rafalska was away from the CSO report, which showed a catastrophic situation in Poland.

Elżbieta Rafalska: It should be stressed that the decrease in the number of any in 2018 has the impact of the number that is in The decline of old-age women we have been watching from the beginning of the 21st century. Since 2012, we saw a fall on the number of women aged 20-39, and this is just what women at this age are 94 percent. children. This level of deterioration is about twice as high as the decline in the total number of women aged 15-49.

500 plus. What changes are the government's planning?

Elżbieta Rafalska suggested that the Ministry is proposing a number of changes to the "Rodzina 500 plus" program.

What is the transformation project?

  • increase income criteria;
  • including a three-month special date for 500+ applications to be submitted in a judicial case;
  • including specific rules that allow continuity of parental benefits to be maintained if a parent who has received their benefit;
  • limiting the duty to maintain up with a single parent, to applications for 500+ for a & # 39; first child.

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