53 Disabled Life Priority Application


The terrorist attack photographer in Yusuf Nazik in Reyhanli's terrorism was asked 53 times to attack life in prison.

In 2013, Yusuf Nazik, a terrorist scandal who died 53 people, was put to trial at Reyhanlı. The 9th High Criminals Court in Ankara condemned the people who attacked the hearing and families of citizens killed in the explosion. The public prosecutor said his idea of ​​the attributes was ready. He asked that Nazik would be punished by a "state-of-the-state crime" once, 47 times to kill a crime suddenly, and five times for 5 children to be killed and prisons a 53-minute life he put in. The procurator also requested that the accused person still be kept. After that, his & # 39; a new defense court, and noted that the statement about Nazik was brought before the court. The court sent to 14 February 2019 to announce its decision. Yusuf Nazik, National Information Agency (MIT) The leadership of Latakia's work in the town of Syria was introduced. Nazik, who was in the "blue" category in the list of terrorists, was sent to the Anti-Terror Branch in Ankara of Ankara Police Department on September 12 to be quested after its beginnings quiz in MIT.


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