6 Health Signs If you get a "Doctor's Book"


It may sometimes be difficult to find out when you go to the doctor immediately without difficulty, problem or neglect of our health, there may be health symptoms in our belief that this is true , but this is not true and may have a serious illness or delays to deal with your health, This report combines the most important health symptoms that we should not give up, Because they can identify bad illness, so you should check your doctor immediately, as described in the website.

1. Call unnecessary weight: If you lose weight without trying to do so, especially because we'll do it; Increase your weight as you grow age, so stress loss may be a sign of bad problem.

Poor can often occur as a loss of stress, as well as thyroid disease, gastrointestinal disorder, and diseases such as HIV or hepatitis C.

2 – change the color of the skin or "good" in your skin or alter the shape or size: in this case, you should investigate your body when there is a dermatologist, because skin cancer is the Cancer is most common and maybe it's a change in color or peel color, not every place In skin, you should see your doctor's annual study.

3. Treating too much time: if you sleep more than 9 hours a day, it may be a sign of depression, persistent lighting or even sclerosis of diversity.

If you are often feeling tired, sleep during the day and too much stress, too much sleep can be part of a disease called narcolepsy.

4. Continuous Cardiology: If you have a casation that lasts more than two months, you must check it, because you may show that you have a spell or GERD.

5 – Abdominal pain in the lower quadrant on your body: abdominal pain is common, but abdominal pain should be investigated at a particular place – in particular the lowest quarter of your right side if it is a & # 39; lasting for more than two days or was bad, as it usually looks like Belly's weight.

Emergency pain: It's the daily pain that lasts over 12 weeks, and it's not natural – at any age – to suffer daily pain, which is a great deal. Limit your activity so you should visit your doctor to help with cause of pain.

Note: The content of these news was written by the seventh day and does not present the vision of Egypt today, but was taken forward as it is from the seventh day and we are not responsible for the content of news and wellbeing before.

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