6 mobile games have been and help VNG to promote a market share in the Vietnamese market


VNG is a big Vietnam home town and will send a department to a & # 39; market on the mobile phone platform with lots of good materials. Many of the materials are distributed or distributed by VNG to have funny support from the community.

Here are 6 most successful mobile games of VNG.

1. Online stories (Day of day: 4/16/2017)

VNG's most popular mobile games in Vietnam at this time and in the near future - Picture 1

At 10am on April 16, 1977, Crossfire Stories officially landed Vietnam's playground community. Crossfire Stories that have been released in Vietnam have acquired "master" meaning and is run by Tencent Games. This is a movable shooter game that has been developed and received by the CrossFire – the famous FPS of the Vietnam game town after twelve years. The games in CF Mobile remain in the supervision of a soldier's or her first person; game is also arranged for mobile devices. Many familiar methods are held in CF Mobile, such as Fighting, Boom, Zombie hunting … This shop has a large market share in the mobile game genre.

Excellence Rules (Time to box: February 2018)

A NetEase-based lively mobile game created by the Survival Regulations is a game that is part of the "Live" series of Chinese Games Development Games and has encouraged a community of players all over the world. Long ago. The Survival rules are also recognized as a mobile game inspired by BattleGrounds Player Unknown, but the game is different from the usual "casual" products due to the very high graphic engine. normal NetEase search.

VNG's most popular mobile games in Vietnam at this time and in the near future - Picture 2.

Like most of the survival games on PUBG, Survival Management players will be released anywhere in their place. rainforest map. In order to survive, armor players need to lock themselves and hide themselves in buses, mountains, deserts, etc., trying to destroy other players in the same game.

3. Mobile Swordsman (Date completed: 10/17/2016)

Mobile Swordsman: Official official Battlefield Beta opened at 10am on October 17th. The date, VLTKm opened 18 servants, with over 200,000 characters successfully logged in. It has hit all the VNG clocks to date when games are spread, on top of user games, webgame and mobile games. This is also the unprecedented performance and it is difficult to overcome its online game market in Vietnam.

VNG's most popular mobile games in Vietnam at this time and in the near future - Picture 3

Swarm Mobile Communications is the original name of Kiem Hiep Tinh Duyen, set up in Song Southern Producer, fighting a warfare, re-exporting the "Tram Luat" military spirit to wave to be distributed. When participating in game players one of the 8 sects can be selected. Her graphics have a 3D game, because of her & her; The Unity technology design is latest, still at a large community game after more than two years.

4. Find the Mobile Phone (which is scheduled to launch: December 2015)

Since the help page was launched and an official homepage launched on 10/11, the game information is always searching for mobile players. Based on the images and information on the NPH VNG home page, Gamer specifies that the VNG version of "The Mobile World" will be released as a World Sword 2 game – 3D animation very beautiful.

VNG's beautiful VNG phone game at this time and near the future - Picture 4.

In the second generation of Mobile phones, the focus is on building a large and honest place with a series of rich features PK 1v1, 3v3, 5v5, 15v15, the 300 battle, … for the players to express their personal skills and team team. Then opened a large camut around the world with a well-known game experience online Kiem Hiep Duyen.

5. Bang Bang VNG Phone Stories (Launching Intent: November 2018)

Legends Mobile Phones: Bang Bang enjoys many players in the world. With high quality games, we have achieved great success throughout the world as 8 million performers from 18 countries and more than 1 million are hooked on the YouTube channel. Mobile Phone Stories: Bang Bang VNG is committed to introducing new winds to the Vietnam game market, especially the MOBA fan community.

VNG's beautiful VNG phone game at this time and near the future - Picture 5.

Many Factors of VNG get support as follows: Account problems, card insert, ingame investigations are fast, etc. Legend Legends is also the first thing that is held in Vietnam, which promises to be the most explosive event in 2018 with the total prize up to 500 million.

6. VNG Travel PUBG (Expected: November 2018)

Mobile Mobile to Vietnamese is very determined when representatives of the NSX Bluehole and Tencent Games company were present in Vietnam early. According to some of the sources, representatives from NSX Bluehole and Tencent Games are present in Vietnam since the last August, 1818 to request partners, negotiate with some of the major games NPH in the country. It is better than the community of broad users and to be able to; improving the quality of graduates who are participating in Mobile Mobile PUBG in Vietnam.

VNG's most popular mobile games in Vietnam at this time and in the near future - Picture 6.

So PUBG Mobile will return to Vietnam with a complete Vietnamese version, with licensing content and clear legal action that promotes large playgrounds to public and professional levels. at home and abroad. The Vietnam version will be released by VNG, which will be launched in mid-November.

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