6 reasons why you need to wash a new cloth before it is stopped


Most people who put on new clothes without being washed before they are aware that this could harm their health.

Wash the clothes before being canceled, it is essential, because clothing is too many hands and materials from the time they are created so that they reach our hands. We do not know how many people try to dress this dress and are likely to be full of boils and can give some of the diseases.

Menstrual resting in a & # 39; clothes
Chemistry and even menstrual debris may have on the fabric we have purchased, according to research conducted by Philip Tierno, director of microbiology at the School of Medicine at the University of New York.

They can last for months
Germs can stay in clothes for months. So if you were sick and going to & # 39; Go to the short shops after you go back, you can pull it to the clothes that you will be affected or you will try to go to a still-fledged German; grow in your body, which will cause someone else to be contaminated.

In the performance and manufacturing process clothes and the materials that make it the chemicals. The cotton is sprayed with pesticides in the field and then mixed with synthetic threads used in cloth such as polyester or nylon, made of chemicals. To eliminate these toxic sections, it is essential to wash clothes.

More color or pattern
Consumer and Consumer Group has a higher risk of stamp or color clothing that has harmful material. This can harm those with skin sensitive or cancer.

Letal under female magic
All women should wash the doorstep before using it. In many cases, anomalies were found in the shoes of a number of patients made by an unidentified virus that has a very aggressive impact.

Vandalism of animals
Sheep that is stored in boxes or bags in the stores or factories is open to animals, so there is a greater risk than it is given.

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