6 tips to buy during Cyber ​​Monday


Monday Cyber ​​Monday is celebrated after a US Free Thanksgiving, created by marketing companies to encourage people to shop online. (Photo Free Press: AFP)
Monday Cyber ​​Monday is celebrated after a US Free Thanksgiving, created by marketing companies to encourage people to shop online. (Photo Free Press: AFP)

There are more and more people choosing to & # 39; Take advantage of seasonal discounts from home comfort and online shopping.

Online trading opened the opportunity to access a tender of unprecedented material for distance, visibility or accessibility purposes.

The Monday, November 26, Cyber ​​Monday or Cyber ​​Monday will be held, and Guatemalans are attracted by the flashes of technological results.

Alberto Sobalvarro, a general manager and founder of pidelorapido.com, said the Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday events had shifted over the past two years, but at present the season of offers has been extended to two months last year.

"This means that the exclusions can not be completed during the day or during these events, but you can find them during the season," said the businessman.

Léster Cerna, the general manager of Bingua.com, said that some of the material's average fats are still 40%. Now, if offer users offer 75%, they may be bothering for typically affordable products.

Ideas to buy during Cyber ​​Monday:

If you're going to buy online, get the deals on the offers in a reliable and safe way.

  1. Trust: Enter the site address where you buy in a browser bar and make sure that you & # 39; use the correct environment. Do not use links.
  2. Privacy: Do not buy online with a credit card from a site that is not encrypted. You can prove it with the icon of lock lock.
  3. Prices: List your interested articles and compare prices on other sites. If its price is too low, it can be a scam.
  4. Rating: It is important to make sure that the dealers are valid. Read ratings, reviews and comments from site users.
  5. Travel expenses: Verify the site's pricing prices where you are buying, and then confirm the total amount with its & # 39; tax pay that is already in the country.
  6. Distribution: Read the production situation well, due to the increase in the season's demand. Avoid uncomfortable memories and desires.

The biggest one you ask

Sobalvarro said that the videogame consoles are among the biggest ones they can ask through the Cyber ​​Monday, with at least five games, as well as smartphones.

It is a current move in the purchase of technology to be able to; get computer materials; for example, Sobalvarro said, teams, memories, light laptops or electronic recordings.

Increase sales

The national companies are sold by electronic trade of $ 50 million per annum, in accordance with the accounts released last year by Guatemala Electricity Union (Grecom), which is part of the Chamber of Commerce Guatemala ( CCG).

Visa Consulting developed by Visa Consulting & Analytics (VCA), a strategic advisory area for Visa customers, purchases of the Black Friday season and Cyber ​​Monday have become bi-digitized appearing in countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

For example, the purchase of Visa cards made in the Cyber ​​Monday of 2017 was a 11% increase over the previous year, and there was an increase in the purchase of electronic books and items, in particular.

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