6 were killed and injured in a terrible crash on the Khurma Rania road


Al-Taif – Al-Yamam – Abdullah Al-Azmi:

Saudi Saudi Soldier's Operation Room in the Makkah Al Mukarramah division at 12:05 reported a fire accident on the Khurma-Rania road, leaving a number of wounds and deaths.

In detail, Shadi bin Abed al-Tubaiti, spokesman of the Saudi Red Army Association in Taif, explained the letter to the letter and then directed five emergency teams to continue with a & # 39; head of Khalid Maith al-Harithi.

He said when the emergency teams found that the site suffered a total of 6 cases, including two heavy and moderate injuries, and three moved into God's mercy.

Al-Tubaiti confirmed that the injuries were dealt with by suppressing the ambulance service and transferring them to Rania General Hospital when the deaths were transferred through the Commission's unintended transport.

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