68% of Chilean activists believe that the economy is going on


The recent economic crisis of the recent weekday agenda has been generated, despite the fact that macros and micro-figures reflecting growth in activity, investment and spending, the feeling is that the best times are not for everyone.

The idea of ​​Imacec in September did not help by 2.3% – the lowest level of the year – or unemployment numbers in August-August to move a quarter of 7.1%.

The questions encouraged rapid shift from government. Economy Minister José Ramón Valente presented a series of exhibitions in conferences, radio, television and a written paper, recognizing that the problem was not in the figures, but not aware that they had to explain.

But what those who conduct business world in Chile are? think about the economy? Together with the election of the most distinctive personalities of the year in the business world, the study carried out by PULSO, Cadem and the University of Adolfo Ibáñez – in which there are almost 400 businesses, business and business leaders. addressing the economic situation of the country.

Their results show that a & # 39; This group on what's happening in Chile. Indeed, when asked about how they see the state of the current economy, 68.1% say that the country is making progress, 29.3% believe that the economy is grow at risk and 2.6% are discharged.

When asked about their future expectations, their behavior is much more hopeful, since 81.4% of respondents believe that the economic situation of the economy will be in a position. going on in the next 12 months.

When asked about their business environment, the answers are also positive. 68% believe that their company's general economic situation is very good or good, 23.3% which is consistent with 5.9%, bad or bad.

As with the economic situation of the country, they estimate that their companies will be better in the coming 12 months. Indeed, 80.4% believe it is very good and 14.9%, consistently.

Where efforts are to be addressed

The management teams of the Silein companies have already defined in what they will focus on their efforts in the next 12 months. According to the data found in the study carried out by PULSO, Cadem and the University of Adolfo Ibáñez, 23% of the companies will be based on competitiveness, economic and commercial issues.

New technologies are also a cause that worries them, 21.8% have a problem; collaborative efforts in digital format, job innovation programs and cost.

In the third case of the scale of concerns, the regulatory case is. According to the survey, 10.3% of respondents believe that the main efforts and resources are to be achieved; focus on changes in the regulatory framework, legal proofs.

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