$ 7.7 billion table has opened Investment


A private airport of $ 7,700 billion is open - picture 1

Van Don's international airport in 2015 in the Doan Ket community, the Van Don district (Quang Ninh province) began a range of 325 hectares, which was invested in a BOT format with the total investment of around 7,700 billion.

It is an airport of 4E (in accordance with the Common Code of International Civil Aviation Group) and military II airfield – capable of receiving large aircraft.

A private $ 7,700 billion airport is open - picture 2

Dinh Van Thang, Air Director, said that Van Don International Airport was planned and built to serve the largest aircraft on the day and to deliver mid-way routes and a long way, especially The plane is about 6-10 hours.

$ 7,700 billion private airport to be launched - picture 3

The airport has a potential of 2.5 million passengers per year, high times can take 1,250 passengers. The park system will have at least four parking areas by 2020; By 2030, expand to at least seven parking spaces.

Launching $ 7,700 billion bundled privately owned airports 4

According to the directors of Van Don Airport, construction items were completed and contractors are installing a test device. Sponsors make license-related procedures to trade between 12/25/2018.

In addition to commercial aircraft, there are additional services at airports such as passenger services, goods, security surveys, registry counters, boarding, VIP room services, sales services. South Westerly

A private airport of $ 7,700 billion is open - picture 5

The station has 31 court centers, half of which is served on an international airplane, and the rest is overshadowed; serving home airbags. Security screening area with 2 scanners commissioned.

Launching $ 7,700 billion by private airport - picture 6

There are four boats moving luggage at their airport, and & # 39; Attending the maximum hours of around 1200 passengers.

Private capital capital of VND 7,700 billion - Picture 7

The airport's destination is designed to be modern, energy efficient and windows are open for natural light

Launching $ 7,700 billion bundled privately owned airports 8

Suidhe in the waiting room on the plane.

$ 7,700 billion a private airport is about to open - picture 9

The sailing sailing lights were completed.

Private registered capital of VND7,700 billion comes to print - 10

The area is at a distance of 3.6km, 45 m wide, ensuring that planes B787, B777, B747-40 and the same are equal.

Private private capital of VND7.7 trillion and adventurous projection - picture 11

Van Don Airport has recruited and trained 160 employees, including air traffic controllers, security forces, land workers …

A private private capital of VND7,700 billion arrives sooner - picture 12

The front of the airport is designed to be a sailing boat on Halong Bay.

The airport operates aerial routes to and from eastern north Asia (Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan) and southeast Asia (Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia). In domestic market, the investors will Focusing on the central and southern areas such as Hue, Da Nang, Cam Ranh, Da Lat, Phu Quoc.

Private capital capital of VND7,700 billion - 13

It is the area waiting for luggage and a lot of room; aerial ports designed by the image space background of Ha Long Bay.

According to the Civil Air Commission, Van has a private airport, but other airports in the country must comply with the rules on air safety and security. Including units such as airport, air traffic, customs, police, medical examination …


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