7 famous fashion accidents: you would not get out of the house like that


So this does not work. Trying to draw attention, work with people, misery or just a bad day. Despite this, sometimes famous celebrities can formally look at tidying what they are doing; These seven have taken such a step over that, it's hard to forget.

Cher, Oscar

Producing the prestigious film awards they It takes place in a humorous setting that changes the gunners and celebrities that invite him. Cher had two attempts to show Oscar for his famous fashion taste. Instead, she came in to the clothes and she showed that she was published. Although her model was good, she had shot at a concert level rather than a night as well.

Madonna, MET Gala

The famous stunner has been shown in many wild dresses during her career. Her clothing from one Gala MET, however, was very awesome. Madonna would work as a cheap girl who did not break flavors. In addition, if this had been a few years ago, he would still have been pardoned. This is what was done.

Bjork, Oscar

With this musician, it is clear that we can not be able to; expect anything attractive. When she received an invitation from Oscar, she agreed the piece by her; Her favorite bracelet was to be pulled out. Instead of nice games, she wanted to draw attention to the middle-like model, which the long mill was surrounded by the Bjork descendants. It's definitely a group of creativity, but the product is very spectacular.

Tove Lo, ARIA

A Swedish musician is renowned for his unbeliever style. However, its ARIA price symbol looked very cheap and beautiful. The orange uniform showed almost its image and showed that they were choosing an abolition appropriately. In addition, the original part of the Lona area was designed to show the uterus with the cows. There's nothing better or even rough blue shoes with high tall.

Gwyneth Paltrow, First Minister Iron Man 3

The outdoor step can also be made by a beautiful woman. Gwyneth Paltrow is largely among the best actors. But, what was the example? Iron Mana 3 is the first example that it did not fit. Most worked very uncomfortable, and damaging the figure, and put an incredible belt into a green look that did not respond to her; total communication of these dresses.

Katy Perry, MET Gala

MET Gala is always one of the most important fashion events of the year. Some famous people are not given for their right, and then their attempts to make the payroll payments more than theirs, damaged. Katy Perry was decorated last year with a red dress that was like a huge blow of red tulle with pearl decoration. Everything was very behaving and it was very appealing.

Rihanna is a Parson Design School

Usually we need to be familiar with this singer's fashion style. But the model displayed on the pay-by-side jobs can not be seen by its everyday understanding. Everything in a brown light did not look pretty, and Rihanna was working on her as she stole her jacket from her grandson.

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