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Professor Dr. Ülkem Çakır spoke about the 7 errors that affected the kidneys at the time of the 14th Kidney World Day.

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    In recent years, the number of kidney patients has continued to grow. Today, it is estimated that 850 million people worldwide have suffered from a disease for a variety of reasons.

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    Specialist for Neuroscience. Ulkem Cakir said, usually slowly progressing back to chronic black illness, that at least 2.4 million people lost their lives each year, he says.

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    Professor Dr. Çakır, health A kidney disease is not getting rid of the error. We should stay away from the factors which cause diabetes and should not make Bö errors.

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    # 6 in the series between the causes of death

    This year's theme on World First World Day included Health Kidney Kidi for everyone Dünya. Today, 850 million people in the world are thought to have a chronic disease across a range of different reasons.

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    Ecological studies show that renal depression, which is generally slow and volatile, causes at least 2.4 million deaths a year, and rises to a sixth among the reasons behind it. earliest death.

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    A short-term diarrhea and a short-term action is defined as that which is to be taken out under mutiny because of brain injury. Dr. Ülkem Çakır ciddi When rapid renal damage is not tackled, the destruction will progress to body failure and substantially increase the death rate.

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    Proper depression of kidney damage affects more than 13 million people worldwide. 85% of these cases are in countries of low and middle income, and 1.7 million people are expected to lose their lives for years t

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