7 Running a & # 39; Walk & Season 9 Mid-Season Finale Mammals for your Spin Head


Can you believe that Nigg has a great escape The dead are walking, something that does not happen to make the way further in the comic book database, to a large extent on In the week that is full Saturday? As if that were not enough, so many questions were not answered, at least one healthy supporter is dead, and the people who came into life were very frightening creatures. It's hard to choose just one or two strange or awful moments The dead are walking Midseason's last 9 regiment, so some are here.

Ultimately the Smeòraich came The dead are walking, although the way this program was down maybe it is not the way expected by followers to its host; waiting for him. As the characters on an AMC series talk about the upcoming "fair" among the different scenes, fans may have remembered a similar event with the comics. Alpha, the Chief of the Smeòraich, includes the sale in the books – and this is one of the events that the war added. However, the chance or Alpha did not expire on the Sabbath.

Instead, the search conducted to provide Eugene's rescue and the efforts to find a home for the backdrop of the Magna group. Here are just some of the people that you put into your mind to return the series in February 2019.

1. Declare * To complain * Dismiss out of its & # 39; jail

So what happened just right, right? Did Gabriel let it out? Did Gabriel just … forget? By leaving uninstalling it has been a great deal for the series and a person has not yet been able to recognize it. That said, in the comics, the Negan door has been open enough – so even though we can see Lucille with the rest of the season, it may still take place before it happens no.

2. The Rev.

Daryl was holding her & # 39; These chicks are cooling up, and it's really cool as the people need to do; Live to verify what the Flowers are, right? Because the group has a huge concern that walkers have grown, the ability to talk well to this new decision has been introduced.

3. Is Jesus dead?

Unfortunately, it seems to be it. That fight was the other thing, although the smoke, the winter light, and the zombies were "talking". It was so different and so scared.

"You are where you are not," said Jesus, the Parade. What is it? no mean? The type of Whisperer slogan? Add to the privacy list for the February series in February.

4. The Caban in the Woods

Why is teen drama in it? The dead are walking now, and why do teenagers living in a zombie apocalypse so willing to put themselves in a situation just out of the most fundamental films? What they do not see any one there are films, because they grew up after the world had fallen, quite like it was an excuse; there. In addition, Enid is not completely interested in being part of a "zombie Riverdale " Amazingly, since she and Carl created herself.

5. Earl Leeds for Henry

After accepting the son agreed with Carol and Eseciel, he went to the knee with other youngsters Hilltop, locked the Earl for 38 hours and gave him a talk about the mistake of his ways. Yes, the only Earl who had been lost (six years ago, was less than a month for all of us) and tried to spoil Maggie. What kind of model is there?

6. Daryl is in dogs and his name

Okay, surely, this slowly revealed this season, but the two different things are still wild.

7. Why is Tara so cold?

We still do not know what happened in those six years that makes everyone work so funny around each other. However … Tara is a leader of Hilltop, especially now that Jesus is dead and some still have some strange carnival.

This is a great deal for passing. The peaceful world The dead are walking just destroyed by many dangers, not to describe the personal drama between our heroes; It could be resolved by sending it out. Make a mixture that's inside with a zombie face mask and Season 9 just spent a lot.

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