7 things to look out in your boy – because they may be cancer symptoms


One of the two in the UK receives cancer in a lifetime of life, horrible statistics.

Although many types of severe disease are coming with very few symptoms, others have symptoms that can help to identify it as soon as possible; as possible.

Cancer is the most common prostate cancer in men in the UK. The reasons are not known, but the chances are to increase when you are experiencing; getting older.

It will slowly evolve, and many people do not; see any marks for years.

Not until the prostitution becomes sufficiently enough to affect the tube that flows the urine out of and out of the & # 39; pens that show some of the signs that appear.

It can take it in an early and different part

According to the NHS, there are seven things that men should look at in their bee which may indicate the disease.

They are:

  • We need to be more often more often, often at night
  • We need to go into the toilet
  • Difficulty in starting to & # 39;
  • Flow or flush; take a long while while you're surrender
  • Weak stream
  • A feeling that your waterfall did not grow completely
  • Blood in urine or semen

There are a number of tests that can help you to diagnose cancer prostain, all that a doctor should be able to organize.

It is a blood test, a physical prostate test, and a MRI or biopsy.

If the disease is taken early, it can be treated with radiotherapy or surgery to remove it.

However, if it is not taken until later it can spread to other parts of the body.

Expert experts do not know why, but prostate cancer is more common in people of African-Caribbean or African-American descendants and Asian men are less likely to affect them.

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