7 Ups And 3 Downs From NXT TakeOver: WarGames



The NXT recipe is a hiring for its TakeOver specials
like Coca-Cola – has been working formally for what is always like, and
you just hope not put it out.

But until Coke comes out, we're just
to continue to enjoy those specialties, such as Saturday & TakeOver: WarGames, which is
PPV delivered a hard drive with everyone flying at each other at 100 kph. Us
We saw some valuers who stole the show, and we saw others who steal weddings
because they are not as easy to understand as they thought they were.

We saw the start of TakeOver from another MMA star
move from the eighties to a square circle, and we saw a silent dissertation going on
Be effective in protecting her gold. We saw a star grow before our eyes,
and we saw the mother of every child continuing to & # 39; slide further darker

We also saw WarGames, a brutal battle, stiff, of attack
Eight men have been charged, but we saw them rising to the event and put on
show hell for the people.

It was a big round for the Survivor Series weekend, but we will
you have to wait to find out if WWE's Fall Classic can get up.

Without saying he would let us …

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