75% of local supporters expect to expand over the next three years


As in other regions of the region, in the last years there was an advantage in Argentina. At the moment 133 companies, both locally and abroad, work in the local system that contributes to financial services and technology. With a view of financial inclusion, most of them have investment and expansion plans for the next three years.

The data comes from a report prepared by BID Lab, whose innovative laboratory is at # 39; Inter-American Development Bank and Afluenta, a final organization aimed at collaborative finance, which also reflects on the continued growth of these types of companies. From 2013, it identifies its potential of growth in the & # 39; short-term and medium-term.

In the country, the proportion of investments to GDP is only 15%, which is 47% when they are; look at its regional average. Viviana Alva Hart, CEO of the IDB's Activities in Argentina, said "Fintech is able to use technological innovation to deliver financial services to the population that has been achieved so far."

Financial inclusion is a brilliant opportunity for the department, enhanced by its value-added value of Fintech companies; Given: 65% of companies are aiming at operational improvements, productivity and time savings, with 44% targeting final customers, 40% connected to other company development services and 31% & # 39 ; offering new products.

The user Accenture behind this report was prepared by funding from the international group. Diego Zorzoli, Accenture's executive director, said: "The Fintech does not represent the length or shift that passes, it's almost an eco-system system is made up of new and innovative companies, who want to revitalize a financial business. "

Zorzoli said: "At a local level, we look at a complex, but expanding ecosystem system: 70% of Fintech Argentina has appeared in the # 39; market in the last 5 years and 75% of Fintech expect to expand their work externally over the coming three years to stand for a range of mixed and innovative value-added ideas, "he finished .

At this stage, the availability of funding is one of the key features that it has; Concerning entrepreneurs in the region. According to the report, 59% of the companies have found some external funding assets, a value that is slightly lower than the average for the area, and 35% were capable of a type of external funding at the start of work.

"There are two main reasons to set out scarce funding for the Argentine ecosystem: a difficult macro-economic context and a link between the lack of governance in the ecosystem system and funding options," the report explained , long & # 39; and it was a warning:

"Most companies believe that funding is available as a key part of their development, over user presence and management, 69% believe that the vision will grow more better in the short time. "

In this regard, Juan Pablo Bruzzo, President of Argentinean Chamber Fintech, said: "Argentina is beginning to be the leading player in the eyes of international investors, more than 59 % of companies have received funding from abroad and the second is Fintech expecting to invest more than one million dollars in the next three years. "

In terms of the possible partnership with traditional financial institutions, the report is clear: "Fintechs believes that peers, banks and assistants are the co-operative partners their largest, and more collaboration between Fintechs and banks can benefit both. "

At this time, Alejandro Cosetino, the CEO and the founder of Afluenta, emphasized the potential for financial enquirers that require those companies to expand the local capital market. "We believe that the employment sector can improve people's lives, the ultimate goal of the financial system is to make a bigger market." It is a financial finance concept that more people can get on loan than being more economist to the parties, "he said.

Ana Clara Pedotti

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