$ 76 billion asset manager is to buy for Vietnam stock – VnEconomy


The latest sales in the global stock market has become more attractive for Vietnamese stockings, whether London's financing manager.

Andrew Brudenell, a property manager at Ashmore Group Plc, said the property doubled its tenancies in the last quarter to the present day.

Ashmore, the $ 76.4 billion asset manager at the end of September, says that bank stocks and some Vietnamese customers are now much cheaper.

"In the last 12 months, we did not have a lot of stock in Vietnam, so we have recently seen a cheapest stock market in Vietnam," said Brudenell. "At the moment, we are more optimistic about Vietnam's stock last year, but only in some departments."

The property manager added pressure that Vietnam's stock price was "too high" at the end of last year.

The VN-Index has fallen by 23% since its registration was set up on April 9, ranging from global stocks that were due to slowing down concerns and US-China trade war.

The MSCI Asia-Pacific branch fell by 13% the same time, and the S & P 500 index of stocks rose by 1%.

The P / E rate of Vietnamese protections is 13.5 times, reduced from 20 hours in April.

According to Brudenell, proprietary stockings on Vietnam still have a & # 39; looks "very expensive" and there is a potential reduction in prices of this group to the market risk. Property managers also give another reason to be careful about the risk of inflation to; accelerate according to the unstable of the dong against the reincarnation.

However, the Ashmore Fund still has a positive vision on Vietnam security in general. According to Brudenell, the growth of Vietnam's GDP is strong, the dong does not suffer too much, and the profit growth of registered companies is "very tall."

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