76ers Ben Simmons has a rare 3-point attempt – & # 39; I get there & # 39;


PHILADELPHIA – The Philadelphia 76ers made near 58 per cent of their movements in a 143-120 Sunday decision over Los Angeles Lakers, but the photo that was debated after the # one game entered.

Without the 3-dimensional Ben Simmons gave less than a minute into the third season of Sunday's victory for the Sixers, the second in a series with five new beginnings. But when it comes to a regular basis, the picture may have been the most important thing they gave to every game.

"I might be so good to come down and draw," said Simmons about the effort, which came into the middle of the clock. "I did not think about it."

However, everyone else could not stop doing it. think – or talk about it.

"I loved him," Tobias Harris said. "And he was in the basket too."

"Something like everyone," said Sixers' coach, Brett Brown, when he asked him what; The effect of his & her; bench when Simmons took the picture. "Do, well." "

When he asked his thoughts on the picture, Joel Embiid – as usual – was far more descriptive. After JJ Redick he said he was not surprised because Simmons were killed, Embiid turned and said, "Are you sure?" Then, after the laughter died, Embiid explained the picture from his interesting place.

"He just went in," he said. "I was personally, I was preparing to run the play, and then I'm just literally, I saw the ball going over and I was there, & # 39; Oh, s —. Rugged me without protection, and then I was in the place where I was [I was thinking], & # 39; What happened exactly? & # 39; "

He was not alone with astonishment. For all the successes that Simmons has created for himself in the season-and-half-to-year success including a & # 39; won Rookie of the Year last year and voted into All Game Star as a backup to # 39; Monthly – Needing Jump Hunting is often the biggest talking point about its game. That comes from both the things Simmons are doing; doing well – as a 6-tro-10 garden worth £ 230, it has compared to one man he played against (LeBron James) and a man who was a Watching the people (Magic Johnson) for purpose – and how useful his jersey is comparable to the & # 39; rest of his game.

For example: Markelle Fultz, despite all his cases with his / her. jumper, 4 out of a 3-point range in the 19 games of this season. Even after Sunday's attempt, Simmons has taken three of them in 55 games. Every Sunday came at the end of a quarter or a clockwise, according to ESPN Stats & Information research.

The lack of shooting is that of Simmons, according to his brother, who encouraged a debate between his & her; his coach and guardians at his star in the 24 hours going up to the Sunday game. Brown, who likes to introduce Philadelphia's season to a third, said himself and Simmons to talk about how they were doing; They can use the third part of the season – which started Sunday for 36-20 Sixers now – to make Simmons ready for playoffs.

Simmons had been struggling against the Boston Celtics in spending five Philadelphia games in two decades. The East Conference last year and, on Sunday afternoon, James Simmons attacked hunting by a & # 39; cost most of his time; protection stands under the basket.

"We talked about this greatly, and I thought it was good," Brown said. He was near to go in. He did not look uncomfortable to burn it. And he can tell you the story if he chooses, but he and I have talked about this for a bit of the past 24 hours. What's going to happen in the third part of the normal season? What can we do to prepare for the playoffs, and what's coming?

"We saw all LeBron who did not protect it, and we have the Celtics series, so somewhere in the middle, I've got a window of 27 or whatever the games are, and I would like to try some of this material in the final games here before the All-Star starts and delete it with the final third. It's a long explanation for your question, but the bottom is the reason important. "

For Simmons, talk that conversation down to one thing: to become more willing to Given the criteria that James and the Lakers are going to give.

"I'm thinking of getting more aggressive, giving more open views and just trying to grow my game like that," he said. "I think I'm getting there. It just takes time, but I'm going to get there."

With the five new beginners of Philadelphia, the Sixers have ways to attack that extra space in ways other than Simmons shoot. One of these is used in dribble handles with sharpshooter as Redick when a player like James has a lot of room for Simmons. In the fourth quarter, Philadelphia played a playoff of Redick's opening 3 that took advantage of how long & James from Simmons had a normal criminal set.

Even with the level of firepower that Philadelphia has available after he has been able to, getting Harris in a trade blocked by the Clippers last week, the full proportion of Simmons looks like Achilles's heel for the opportunity to make this team out of the last rounds of the East playoffs and Getting the NBA finals for a & # 39; first time since 2001.

It should not be surprising then, to one, that everyone on the Sixers who Simmons encouraged publicly to do it; burn 3s – whatever they would come in.

"I thought it was there," said Embiid. "He was inside and outside. I pretend that it would have been done. But he has been working on that. Every day we tell him he is There is nothing wrong about it.

"I am 30 per cent of the point soldier 3, and you have someone who leaks my life. I do not understand how that's possible, but they still have a" # 39; doing so. So every day he works on it and I think it's coming. That's the first step, and I hope it's going to do it. keep burning. "

On his part, Simmons said he would do it – but also that, even if he started to add more 3s, he does not. allowing him to take away from his other parts of his game that made him a singer of a singer without having a brutal threat of jumping.

"I'll start pulling up," he said, "but not what I'm looking at. Not all that. I do not aim to doing so. I play my game, play in my strength and continue to try to get better. "

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