76ers Jimmy Butler a & # 39; hitting a 3-point final second time in the premature time to stimulate the 60-minute night of Kemba Walker


Jimmy Butler did not take long for his / her feeling in Philadelphia. In just his third game with the 76ers, Butler shot a 3-game deodoral butler with just 0.3 seconds left in the rabbit to move the Hornets. And in the & # process; steal a large part of the signal from Kemba Walker.

Before Butler's heroics, Walker was watching the night warrior. It was completely fired, and # 39; shocking after holding his team in the game against the new seats. He was in such a zone that was even when it was pulled off, they still went in.

In the seconds of control, he hit two free throws to connect his connection and extract 58 points at night. He put two others in the premature time to get to 60, but that was so big that he would get as a result of securing Sixers' compensation. Despite this, it was enough for an adult high-quality licensing record, the same game as the game; looking for this season.

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