77-year-old was found dead dead in the Tampines flat after blood passed through a neighbor's top, News Singapore


SINGAPORE – A resident of Tampines was aware of a strange smell than her flat on Tuesday morning (November 29).

Ultimately, the 62-year-old discovered his smell to a dark red beard that was in his face; Deep from the roof in her main bedroom.

He believed that the wound could be blood, The woman, who just gave her name, just as Mrs. Jamilah, her colleague, called for the police.

In response to questions, the police said they had been told about the event at the Battle of 440 Tampines Street 43 at 8.43m. It was identified as an unnatural death cause.

A 77-year-old man was found without speed at a block in a block and was reported dead by the paralysis at the time.

Lianhe Wanbao told his neighbor every day he had not seen the person in the last days. However, he did not get any suspicion in an unusual way because the person did not succeed anyone and usually was only home at night.

The police investigate them; case.

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