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He has been promising to cure this year: it was achieved from blind retardation and paralysis, to make progress in areas such as the fight against cancer and cure for incapacity .

BBC Mundo will provide you with some of the medical milestones that will be received in 2018 and will be developed in 2019.

1- Back to walking

Two groups of scientists helped to reduce people who; walk again, to & # 39; backbone with electric impulses.

The lack of a backbone – as a result of a sports car or disaster – prevents the brain's direction from getting offset; reaching muscles and sustained to paralysis.

But thank some electricity implants In a backbone, the lost markers can reach the destination.

These methods are still tested, but in one case, the patient uses the device in everyday life.

In another case, there is evidence that nerves started in the back wheel revitalization.

2 – The conflict against cancer

Judy Perkins survived his terrorist cancer because he was ahead of him.

Perkins had expanded the balloon tuneball member and high school cancer throughout his body. The doctors were given three months to stay, until doctors at the National Cancer Institute in the United States decide a new attempt "live cure".

Judy Perkins

Your tumor was monitored to a generation to identify specific changes that may indicate your protection system.

Out of the 62 genetic anomalies found, there were only four attack lines.

And so the research started.

A patient's immune system is attacking the tumor, but the cells are white blood; Losing losses in the cancer frontier.

Not the sciences that were; In Perkins' blood analysis, Perkins's white blood and those who were able to invade cancer.

Then they grew up in large quantities in the laboratory and put them into the body (nearly 90,000 million), together with medicines to remove the brakes from the immune system .

This new defensive approach to Perkins's cancer survives.

He earned another work in the field of immunotherapy against the Nobel Prize in Medicine.

3 – New Uterus, new baby

For the first time, a healthy child was born from a uterus drawn from a dead woman.

Probably failed attempts and, therefore, many thought it would not be impossible.

A woman born from the uterus given by a dead woman

Her mother, a 32-year-old woman, was born as a result of the Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome, a non-causing illness. whitish or uterus or properly embedded.

The donor had three children and died with cerebral hemorrhage.

The methodology was carried out in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Six weeks after the uterus was introduced, the patient started taking the time.

Seven months later, fertile eggs were introduced and, after that normal animation, a girl with a cheese section of about 2.5 kilos was born.

4- First babies are genetically prepared (maybe)

He was a scientist in China who made the biggest movement in science in years when he said that he created the infants hundreds of genetic genes.

Apparently, the couples are in good health.


Finding out of mind by handling helpful outcome.

Inspector He says that Jiankui changed the DNA from infants to protect them from HIV.

However, information about the procedure is not published, with which his statements must be taken in disgrace.

He raised a deeply behavioral discussion about whether or not the procedure should be done.

5 – Try again

Scientists have made amazing progress to cure the world's leading blind cause: an macular-related illness, also known as maculopathy.

The macula is a part of the eye that allows us to see what we are looking for, whether it recognizes the face, television or viewing of the video. reading a book.


It is made of cans and cans that see light. Behind is a series of nutritive cells.

When this step fails, a fatigue and blind smile will be kept.

Scientists find out how to create a string of support cells, and put them in as a crossbar on the injured series.

Getting a & # 39; this medicine they got a basic view not just reading, but also a & # 39; see faces that were previously seen as a leaf.

6 – Lantern blade

Publishes a team from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, for the first time, human ovation at the surgery.

Women are born stupidly in their oval that is completely unhappy after a & # 39; cared for.


After decades of work, you can now develop those ones ovules to quality outside the ovar.

This requires strict control over the functions of the blade, and # 39; including oxygen levels, hormones and protein that stimulates growth, as well as its; the middle in which these eggs grow.

The method can be used to develop new ways preserving the product of the girls in cancer care.

It also represents an opportunity to explore the applets, which still have many questions that have a unresolved development process with science.

7 – Cancer testing?

Scientists have an important step in attacking one of the main aims of cure: the development of a common cancer blood test development.

A team from the John Hopkins University, in the United States, has a test by means of a way it finds eight common types of disease.


The tumors allow to delegate small signals of their DNA and the protocols that they are; go into blood blood.

The CancerSeek study will look for genes in 16 genera that usually tend to; occur with cancer and 8 proteins that are usually discharged with the disease.

The test was tested to more than 1,000 patients with cancer last year, liver, stomach, illness, esophagus, colony, lungs and coffin; is distributed to other material.

The test fell effective in & # 39;70% of cans.

8 – Microbes, half hidden in body

The microscopes are of great importance for our health is the case that is still under review.

This year, the most common cancer of children was given due to our modern, non-genuine life.


Diana-plastic leukemia affects one of 2,000 children.

Mel Greaves, a professor of the Research Institute of Alumni in the United Kingdom, completed 30 years of evidence the protection system can be a cancer if it does not "spot" microbes from the first stages of life.

The purpose of this study is not to prevent the parents to be too clean, but to be able to; show what the price of the progress is made in society and medicine in things like, for example, drinking water.

The long-term goal is to take a safe brow of the # 39; bacteria – in yogurt – so that their protection system can be trained.

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