8 Netflix Thanksgiving Episodes to watch when you're really tough to move


Acknowledgment is coming quickly, and after we have been able to; surfing our boards, we need all revitalization before we start to build on the remains of food. Seeing how the official start of a vacation action watch season is, how best to have a & # 39; Celebrate your day of Turkey Day today with Netflix marathon? If you need something to do as long as you are in & # 39; Get back from your cookie cookie, here the Netflix Games TV programs look after your guests to be called a night.

Our applications are coming from what is currently available on Netflix, so go to Hulu if you need a "Slapsgiving" configuration from How I met your mother. No matter whether you want to look at a classic sitcom that did not provide a chance to have a holiday or drama that has ever been most important at the time of a wild, Netflix has a strong archive for everything that can not be eaten . Emphasize the tropical, get coffee, and protect the fringe with your life before any football relatives can put forward. If you're staying up for the Black Friday sale, play everything Friends sequencing episodes of turmoil and a & # 39; Find any website with a "Thanksgiving" title. Without my opinion on a successful holiday.

This is the beginning of winter winter!

1"The One Where Ross Got High" (& Friends, & Season 6)

It is difficult to reduce Relations & # 39; 10 thankful events to one that you can not skip. There's no hard feeling if you're playing the team's football match, a Monica Turkish head, or a big Brad Pitt dinner, but for a taste of what can be said FriendsMost attractive A holiday story, looking to this sixth season.

Jack and Judy Geller participate in a grateful festival. group at Monica's house, and as long as she and Chandler herself Find out how to tell parents that they are living together, Ros is a Reminds the college's sociary memory explaining why Jack and Judy do not want Chandler. Finally, the aspirations of the brothers, as well as to describe the Thanksgiving of the Church; clan, finally scattered in a classic time from the sweetened sitcom.

2"Thankful Thanksgiving Thanksgiving" ("Gilmore Girls," Season 3)


Being the most loved women, Lorelai and Ruairidh find themselves with four different show dinners for hitting by the end of the night. Although he plays out with Rory's huge change in his face; Harvard serves, the realization of this episode is the incredible wonder of all the Hollows Family Thanksgiving. Like a good number of Thanksgiving, Sookie is turning to alcohol to deal with the Jackson family, The Kims offer the Gilmores tofurkey long before being considered wise.

After Luke and Jess have a difficult dinner, the women are coming to Richard and Emily, where Ruairidh is a falling blow on her requests. What is a holiday without publishing a family confidentiality? (We look, This is us).

3"WUPHF.com" (& Office, & Season 7)

Perhaps most of us do not have the time to & # 39; blink when they visit a grass camp on Thanksgiving Day, so you can do it with Dwight holiday theme park on OfficeSouth-West Ryan WUPHF.com is a real focus on the business business program of the business, which is the " Dwight and Angela's child contract status show the dose of eyes that you intend to know Thanksgiving. If your uncle's uncle is getting rid of her & her; your final illness, just look at the Dwight's intention to become King Hay Hay and remind you that your holiday may be much worse.

4"Feast of Festivals" ("A Summer Food at Sabrina," Season 1)


Keep the little cousins ​​out of the room for this one. Although Thanksgiving Thanksgiving is coming into the mortal world, Sabrina and her family are preparing for the Fiesta Feasgar, the celebration of cannibalistic and her. respecting the self-sacrifice of the old witch Freya. Sabrina's magic mistake is chosen as her queen who gives the coven over, but Sabrina has a Try to prove Prudence that the Dark Lord does not give himself to kill him. It's not the most traditional Thanksgiving entertain, but if you've been delaying for you Sabrina flavoring surrender so that you have a vacancy after your holiday as a booklet to look, it's time to move through the season.

5"Thanksgiving" (New Girl, Verse 1)

One of many websites with a holiday-based holiday event, New Girl celebrating his first Worship of Thanksgiving alongside Jess a & # 39; inviting him to break and his colleague Paul to dinner; medals. As a music tutor, Paul Justin Long was so impressive with Jess, who spent a lot of songs with a vacation and a bad disorder as the night went on. Like him Friends, The show presented a Thanksgiving program for each season but was finalized. Choosing the favorite event can be challenging, so why not start at the beginning?

6"Thanksgiving" (That's Show 70, & Rom 1)


Be honest – sometimes tainggiving can be dragged where the same high point mixes food on the table. No Display 70 & # 39;The first is a & # 39; Take the holidays to come from, yes, another program named after the Turkey Day and his / her; Introducing the fear of seeing families away. The story begins with the Forms fearing the mother of Ruadh who; come to visit him. However, the future of Grandma has been forgotten quickly when Laurie brings home an attractive friend who addresses Eric from Donna. If your day is not in line with your plan, you will be red injected and insert yourself as "Good Delicious Tailor bad".

7"Thanksgiving" (& # 39; Glee, Season 4)

Being a part of something special, it's special to you! ♥ on YouTube

Remember when Sarah Jessica Parker went on Glee? Yeah, I'm the only one. Season 4 of the musical series that will take place during the time of Rachel and Kurt in New York, and even though the previous ones were Using the Ghost break to help the club to edit for Sections, they will stay in Manhattan for the holidays. In order to be fair, I would not go through & # 39; identify anything with SJP either, so it's good to stay hard with this program from one of Gleethe worst years. After all, Carrie Bradshaw just did not write romantic thanks to Thanksgiving on Gender and Property, where are we going to see Parker in a full-fledged manner?

8"The Indian in the Lobby" (& The West Wing, Season 3)


For some intellectual incentive after the start of a food cookie, see the scenic and scenic scenery and political lagag Light Cloud Thanksgiving Story. As White House prepares for Thanksgiving Thanksgiving, Bartlet's beautiful President wants to talk about fishing in anyone who is listening to, & # 39 ; Convener of the Butter Ball line for cooking advice. At the same time, CJ will meet a pair of Native American Native Americans who refuse to do so unless the appeal for better public health projects is about protection. The display is to cover & # 39; respects crackers in the "Shibboleth" season 2, but the idea is to watch president calmly; Talk to Ball Butter volunteers simply by completing a & # 39; Feeling it's very sad and heartening this year.

What do you look after the second or third visit of Thanksgiving dinner?

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