80% increase in trade issues at «zero»


«Okaz» (Riyadh)

Court cases and business areas in the 80% shares were last resorted (3594 cases) compared to the same time last year (1439), and the total provisions for the same period were up 158% (judgments 3046). The Ministry of Justice monthly report stated that the average daily number of cases was between 72 and 439 cases per day, with an average of 163 cases per day, and 86% of the total cases came from Riyadh, Makkah and the Department of -East. 47% of the total number of cases received, and sales, review and supply, 32%, and acquisition issues, and 12%. The average number of judgments provided daily was 62 to 197 per day, with an average of 138 judgments per day. The final judgments are 96 per cent of court judgments and commercial divisions, while & # 39; The other procurement provisions were 4 per cent.

According to the report, 89% of the overall judgments were made out of 3 sections: Riyadh, Makkah and Sharqia, as long as the judgments on the # 39; topic comprise 90% of the overall disputes of the dispute.

The division of Riyadh came to a full extent of the judgments made during the month of Safar by 1244 by Makkah by 950, with the Eastern Division with 532, Medina with 106 provisions, Qassim by 76, Tabuk with 52, with Hail 35, Asir Area with 31 judgments, as long as the courts and commercial departments in the Jouf, Al Baha and Jazan departments were able to. gives 20 judgments over time. The Minister of Justice and Convener of the Council of Judiciary Sheikh Dr. Walid bin Mohammed Al-Samani has already agreed to a series of steps aimed at speeding up his & her; Conclusion on commercial matters, especially 20 days at the highest for its & # 39; first session from registration date. For a commercial case, which allows the parties to know the time to complete it.

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