85 million users are registered at an Epic platform, only 60% use Steam – Gameapps.HK t


As you can see from this animation photograph, at present there are over 85 million PC users registered in the Epic platform. According to user survey from August 2020 to January 2019, 40% of Epic users did not have a Smoot V platform. At the same time, 68% of Epic users often do not use Steam (68% of the total population is Epic and Stam, or 68% + 40% are higher t 100%), often PC users are often present. Instead of playing Steam games.

V hasn't told how many people are registered on Steam recently, but in January this year they identified Steam as having around 90 million active users, and a third party website estimated that there were about 125 million users. Steam registered a million registered users last October. Steam is obviously the biggest playing platform on the PC, but Epic Mall is growing rapidly.

In addition, around 55,000 developers have recorded on the Epic platform, and there are 41 million users on their platforms. Unlike Steam, the Epic platform has a harder screening process for the games it sells, and says they can only use good log-in games for Epic Mall.

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