86.7 per cent are judges for the retirement of their National Court Record


Almost 87 per cent The judges believe that a National Council should be able to; He decided to resign his position – he will come from the referendum referendum organized by the Judgment's Forum of Justice. According to more than 90 per cent. In response, the National Court Record does not correctly fulfill its constitutional functions.

However, according to former Secretary of the National Court Record, Judge Jarosław Dudzicz, "KRS is good to fulfill its constitutional functions". "The Council works much larger than the previous KRS," said Judge Dudzicz.

In the "referendum of judges' views on the Office of the National Court Record", almost 3690 of judges from 154 courts were among the total of over 10,000 participants. Polish Judges. The survey results were sent to PAP by the media spokesman of the judge Bartłomiej Przymusiński at the SSP "Iustitia".

Respondents answered two questions. The first of these is: "Do you think that the National Court Record (KRS) currently working to fulfill its functions defined in Article 186 (1) of the Constitution of the Polish Republic? " This question was answered by 5.2 per cent. questioning judges (193); Respondents answered (3346) that 90.7 per cent responded to their correctness by their National Court Record. Compared to this, 4.1 per cent. Judges (151) did not comment on this case.

The interviews also asked the judges if they believe that a National Court Registry should be retired. 86.7 per cent answered questioning judges (3191) in confirmation; 5.1 per cent respondents (187) stated that the National Court Office should not retire its position; 8.2 per cent judges (302) have no comments on this case.

A spokesperson told the National Court Record, and # 39; refers to the FWS questionnaire in an interview with PAP, that it would be aware of the results of this referendum. "But, with astonishment, I admit that the referendum is still going on, and that the baseline is not in place to temporarily limit the scope of questions" – the judge noted.

According to Dudzicz, the National Court Record fulfills its constitutional functions well. "The Council works much larger than the previous KRS." The previous meetings were shortened, they did not spend more than two hours on a special day, today we are sitting a few hours a day, there are many other meetings. It is difficult to consider that we do not do our actions properly "- he said.

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