9 additional staff from the South West Management Committee of Can Tho


Mr Vo Thanh Thong, Chairman of the Can Tho City People's Committee, has just signed a document sent to the Sustainable Party of the Communist Party (MPC) to report civil servants and the number of people who are hired to get civil servants from the South West Management Committee.

There were 9 additional staff from the South West Management Committee to Can Tho - Picture 1.

Can Tho City People's Committee

So, the Home People 's Committee is on; make a decision to allocate additional staff, the number of people working for the agencies, units as follows:

On the payment of civil servants in the administrative group, there are 6 employees: Advice Office & Township Office (2 employees), Business Department and Trade (1 staff) Planning and Investment (1 staff), Religious Affairs Committee under Home Affairs (1 person) -obrach).

The number of people who work in the public service delivery unit (3 people) are designated at the Can Tho Talking College, The University of Technology and Technology and Can Tho Oncological Hospital (under the -Services of Health)

Previously, the Politburo gave a Conclusion No. 104-QD / TW dated 28/11/2017 for a stop from the North West, Mid and West-West Steering Committee. Therefore, these three Management Committees will decline from 31 March 1818. In relation to Central Staff members (more than 60 people), co-ordinates; Medium Business Committee with the Ministry of Business Affairs to work with the offices, branches and areas of Delta na Mekong.

In terms of assets, the land and buildings of the Steering Committee, the Government Office and the Can Tho People Committee together with ministers and other branches will accept the & main responsibility and send them to their Prime Minister for instructions. Recently, the Can Tho chair has consulted with the Government and services and departments related to the use of headquarters of the Chai Rang Area People's Administration Committee.

According to Thanh Tien

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