9 food types you should note when you wash


Frozen meat and vegetables: frozen vegetables can make life easier: you just put them in the & # 39; pot and steal. Because they were frozen before the washing washed with water.

Eggs: Many people may still know that there is a special class of materials that protect eggs from their; bacteria contamination. When washed with water, these defenses will be broken, so you should not wash it but that is dry.

Cattle and outfits: You need to clean these freezing sheilings as they can be filled with sand and scream. Out, you will eat the "rubbish" from them.

Milk and milk products: You should wash the milk, yogurt and other dry materials before opening. Thousands of customers spoke on these packages, they built them and read the information on the document. As soon as we go to & # 39; opening its bottle, it can be easy to get into the bacteria from the people; before.

Fish: You do not have to protect raw fish unless you eat raw. High temperatures kill all bacteria, and if you wash your live fish, there is a danger to & # 39; spread bacteria around your kitchen. Remember that you should wash your hands, cut boards and knives after cutting.

Cabb: If you want to make a cabbage, you must clear all "nooks" and divide the cabin into pieces. If you want to purple no white hair cooking, you must remove the top two strands as they may have a dance. To remove dirt and bacteria, add cabbage in a sink full of water, add a small amount of potatoes and leave for a few minutes. Then wash the cabbage with clean water.

Tin drinks: Hot drinks are useful in hot summer days: they can drink cold and make it tasty. But drink just a soda not to be washed or at least & # 39; cleaning her head. You know that every cans are usually carried into truck trucks and people in the shop are always connected to them.

Leitis: Green vegetables are very tasty and there are many benefits to health. But when you edit the lethal, do not forget to wash it. To remove sand or dirt in the leaves, you must throw a leit with your hands and sink in cold water for several minutes. Then you have to take the leak and dry it.

Rubbish: The fruits are healthy in the fruit that contains many antioxidants, vitamins … If you want to eat an apple, you need to wash it. Surveys show that their & # 39; Most chemicals have been swept away if you produce the result in water and baking fluid for 12 minutes.

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