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The Kyung-influence, leader of the Liberal Democrat Party (LDP), spoke on behalf of the negotiating group at the main National Assembly assembly on 12 December, saying, "Don't allow the President of Korea to leave listening to the tragic story of Kim Jong Eun as a spokesperson. The deputy chair of the committee is facing the same level of protest and criticism, Chung Yong-seok, leader of the Korean government, ignored them. Senior journalist

"Don't allow the President of Korea to listen to the humourous story of Kim Jong Eun as a spokesman."

Comments The free Kyung-winning leader of the Cornish party had been dismissed. The Democratic Party also set out, and “What are you talking about it?” About 10 lawyers left the main collection. On the 12th day when the unexpected air flow changed from the start, the constructive speech of a warranty society within the garden changed to a deceit.

I had to stop talking for about 20 minutes, at around 10: 23m, saying "I am a keynote speaker for Kim Jong Eun" because of the Democratic Party's grievance and peace. Seven years ago, the government was ruling and opposing parties, which introduced the National Assembly 's advanced law to abolish bribery and fighting bills, just close to meeting.

Chung Yong – thisk, the deputy chief of the governing camp, and Chung Yong – ki, the policy committee chairman, came up to become Democratic Party leader Hong Young – Soon Lee, hey is former of the Democratic Party, and Kwon Sung-dong, a member of the KCTU. "This is a conversation address." "This opposing party can't say much." "He stopped." There was also an insight into where the supreme president called to the challenging lawyers, "Hit him, smite."

"I spoke to a stranger." In September last year, Bloomberg News raised a news article saying, "Moon Jae-is a keynote-bird spokesperson for Kim Jeong-bird." However, the Democrats lived to "happiness" and the Korean government welcomed it by "pulling on". The applications once again appeared in Moon Hee, "Be quiet," which was useless.

Said the Nazi, "The harassment and self-righteousness of the ruling party, close to the opponents, breaks down the Republic of Korea. If you have anything to say, go to the Assembly (preparation room), t "he cried out with a wild voice."

Eventually Moon came back and said, “The National Assembly is not the place to do this. Be classic and depressed. <I heard that "Cheong Wa Cheae Speaker" (last September, Kim Seong-to, who was chairman of the National Assembly of Korea) said, "I'm sorry." Moon said, "Democracy is hearing the sound even if it doesn't make any sense," and the complaints about the president were also published.

"I thank you for the chair's words, but I believe some of them are also chairmen of the Democratic Party," I said. It tied up a number of current government policies into a framework & left. There was no other conflict, but the Democratic Party came out of the picture when it came to express things such as “Moon Jae-in government” and “center of its light”.

Na Kyeong, the leader of the South Asian Party's free party, is on his way out of the National Assembly's grand congregation following an address by the negotiating party on 12th. Speaking on the day of the meeting, his president, Roh Moo-jin, was deeply saddened by his efforts as a "keynote speaker for Kim Jong-un."

After the speech, Korean legislators sent me a steady call. The Democrats went out with a hard look. “I was disappointed that the Democratic Party would not be able to hear the other voices,” I said, but after his lecture, the government would freeze quickly.

The Democratic Party held a general assembly of emergency members and emphasized the president. Lee said, "I can't politically accept Kim Jong's political opinions. Remove the chief of state in Korea." Lee said, "I think I've been saying" leaving the system "a number of times." It seemed to be seen by the political forces who installed the Cold War system. "Hong said," We can only take responsibility for doing the National Assembly to make this loft and divide the kingdom. "The Democratic Party has decided to submit a petition to the Senate Opinions Committee. T Parliament on 13 March.

The Blue House also took part. A spokesman for Cheong Wa Dae Cheong Wa Dae said, "I hope the statement from the president's office is a problem against the enemy and a lack of punishment against those who want peace. T in Korea. "He said.

Hwang, a representative from the South Foreign party, said, "The governing party should say that." Hwang said, "It is not a democracy which makes it difficult for the first challenging leader to speak in the middle to cry and talk," Hwang said. "I don't understand who is speaking to anyone "With regard to the Democratic Party's objection, he said," If we take unfair steps, we will be absolutely careful. "

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