90% of the increase in reports of hepatitis A in Knox County


KNOX County, Tenn. (WVLT) – Knox County Health Department (KCHD) said it was seeing an increase in hepatitis cases linked to the state situation.

According to publication from KCHD, the level of reported cases has recently been accelerated. From March 1, a further nine cases were reported, which the health department reports are a 90 per cent increase.

A total of 19 cases were recorded on the outcome of the March 27 report.

“The current event has a huge impact on the central Tennessee and many of the eastern communities of Tennessee around Knox County,” said director KCHD. Martha Buchanan. “Even though Knox County has not known the large number of cases in other areas, it is important that as a community we do everything we can to prevent it from happening. up to date. ”

KCHD said hepatitis A was a hybrid semiconductor. It is transferred from person to person through the “fecal-mouth” degree and usually occurs when a person no longer has their hands after use of the bathroom does it connect food, cream or mouth of another person.

A person with hepatitis can be infectious before their symptoms start and even after they have recovered, KCHD said. T

“Unfortunately, most of us are aware of someone who is struggling for substance misuse, so we must engage the community, use their voice for their friends and family. encourage the adoption of a high-level vaccine to protect vaccines, ”said Buchanan.

– Putting it out
– Diarrhea
– Self
– Fever
– fatigue
– Painful pain
– Seriously
– Loss of ambition

KCHD said hepatitis A is a disease of the vaccine being banned. For most adults, the report said that hepatitis A is settling within two months, but it can be dangerous and even fatal. • 60% of Tennessee's cases were admitted to hospital, and six patients died.

Vaccines are available at the KCHD sites, which are available here. The health department recommends that they be asked to register a meeting at 865-215-5070.

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