90 years Fiance & Larissa Dos Santos Lima Was the show for the money & # 39;


90-day fiancé star Colt Johnson He wrote on Instagram on Friday, November 16th, he loves him Larissa Dos Santos Lima "More than anything" less than a week after being arrested for a domestic battery, while she confessed she made the show "for money."

The TLC star, which responded to the questions of fans on, Instagram Story, find out what they liked about the personality of his craftsman. "I just miss it better than anything," he answered.

When someone asked to do a job to do a friend, Colt wrote, "When I learn the secret, I will tell you."

With permission from Colt Johnson / Instagram

As previously stated, a Brazilian banner – who sang on season 6 of the battling program for domestic battleship in Las Vegas on November 10th after sending a message to her; Instagram account asking for help. The second was the one who was arrested for domestic violence this year.

After being released out of his prison, Colt sent a picture back with Larissa, who had previously said in Instagram's post now his wife.

Larissa, 32, answered some of the questions of fans on her story, Instagram Friday, and a series of videos.

Back to a man who asks if she is a gold excavator, Larissa said she is a "cat excavator" and she wants the Maine Coon cat to cost $ 3,000.

With permission from Larissa Dos Santos Lima / Instagram

Another man asked if she could write pictures herself and Colt. "After that, Colt did not tell me," Do not post. Delete. Talk about it. "It's OK right now." By getting ready, she said, "Good things are going to be a good thing."

Another was questioning about the benefits of doing something; appears on a real show, saying that she had been on TB in Brazil that he had a plastic plant, and including boob's work, and that he would have a new car, but not a case in the US

"I'm sorry 50% and I'm not sorry for 50%," she said. "There are good and bad people and good experiences and bad knowledge."

For the reason she pretended to appear on the show – whether he wanted for her money or her job – she added, "First of all he wanted her money after her "Everything, now he's for a job, for my business."

When another fan asked if she appeared on the show again if she was overseas, Larissa replied, "I'll try to connect my camera".

As fans of the familiar series, Larissa and Colt find each other online and he praised five days after meeting the face to face in Mexico.

Talk about her story Instagram Friday, she revealed how she was; feeling the first time she saw Colt personally.

"When I saw it, I thought it was a very famous star star, because he had no money, it was so beautiful," she said. "Her skin was so soft, I thought," Oh, my god. I'm an expert now. & # 39; "

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