A 10-year-old graduating psychologist was killed with a stab ear and put himself


The city in Tolosa today has become a cold accident and has not yet found its head. A 29-year-old man killed a 10-year-old boy's 10-year-old psychic disorder with a fight in the coffin and injured his mother's mother with a shot in his ear. Now, the man is set up in the house-room in the talks with members of the Falcon Group.

The case occurred in a address on 116 Street, between 529 and 530. At the beginning of the year, In the morning, a policeman from Buenos Aires went to the site due to the report on the perspective of the area.

When they arrived, they found the soldiers themselves with the incredible image. One wounded wounded woman was in the ear in one ear and also a 10-year-old boy body with white armor in her chest.

The houseowner came to the view that the attack was made by a man named Juan Cruz Chirino, who had been given a few months later due to mental consent. Depending on you could find out Group:, he is a carer of the mortal passive and the current partner of the injured woman.

After the attack, the man locked himself in the house room, where he had been living for more than two hours. In the last minutes, experts from the Falcon group tried to negotiate the delivery of killings built.

Depending on you could find out Group:, the murderer who had always complained to her; live in the La Plata area. For two years he worked in car traders and also developed in a sports freight resource. Despite this, from 2016 you do not know vacant work.

At midnight, experts from the Falcon Group continued to talk to the person to achieve his delivery. Some close relationships have been helped to help someone to eliminate people who have been encouraged in the & # 39; conversation.

The person was injured after the Peugeot Partner in which he was traveling; hitting a new red VW shot when 140 and 521 streets were running. The person who was suffering the injured disaster and was expected to be transferred to a health center close

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