A 16-year-old man arrested for a dead Indian man in a new jersey


A New Jersey teenager in the United States was arrested for the deceased 60 year old Indian. Sunil Edla, who is from the Medak Telangana area, was killed dead Thursday outside his home in the city of Ventnor in New Jersey, the Prosecutor in the Atlantic County, Damon Tyner, said in a statement.

The procurator's statement said that Ventnor Police did not call on the November 15 night about the burning. The police were located in Edla on their pavement, with guns with guns. Edla had died by the time the police arrived.

The police found that Edla's car was lost and later discovered to City City. After the carriage was in place, the police watched him and arrested him on 16th on Friday. He was convicted by a first step murder, an illegal possession of handgun and carjacking, as the procurator fiscal said.

"I'm not just talking right now," said Edla's son, Morrison Edla, according to NBC Philadelphia. "They could just take the car and let it go."

A neighbor, Brian Wells, said the teenager attacked Edla and killed him dead outside his house. Wells said that a video showed that teenagers were in a position; Cycling on a walk up to the Edla house. Then, try to hide for Edla to get out of the house. "[Edla] He went up the stairs, he returned, "said Wells, according to NBC Philadelphia." The man walked over, put it in to the head, got into the car and left it. "

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