A 24-year security researcher is pleading to be guilty of considering Nintendo and Microsoft servers – Nintenderos.com t


Haymen bring out a lot of people today to find information and data or to find money. Zammis ClarkIs 24 years of age and working as a security researcher, avoided, for very little, into the prison after admitting he has harmed him. Microsoft and Nintendo.

The accused made access to the server Microsoft on January 24, 2017 and received valuable information for three weeks. In all, nearly 43,000 files were taken with Clak. In theory, the hacker was looking for information about earlier versions Windows. He also shared this information with grasses from other countries.

Despite being captured, in collaboration with Microsoft's old toolkit, it was FBI, EUROPOL and NCA National CyberCrime Unit. She was released, and, as expected, continued with criminal cases, this time Nintendo.

Last month Clark was introduced to the servers Nintendo and he was able to find it confidential information about different games of the mark, as well as the stealing of user information. It cost a whole Japanese company 2.1 million pounds in damages.

In spite of these cases, Clark, as we said, will not impose a prison sentence, as a result of his lawyer, says he would be vulnerable to violence and prisoner violence. other, because autism and blindness. In addition, his mother has gone through a letter telling him it leaves your job to focus on your child's autism, what has been sure of the judgment. This has caused controversy.

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